Songs From The Battlefield Cover

Artist: Lord Willin x Swann

Album: Songs From The Battlefield EP


1. Emerging From The Shadows
2. Crush Crews
3. The Struggle
4. Hellbound Artists
5. Pavement Thoughts
6. The Butcher’s Hands (ft. 40 Dash 1 & Constantine The G)
7. Shark Attack
8. Across The Map
9. Bullet Tooth Tony
10. Malicious Intent (ft. Adlib)
11. Serious
12. Smashin Out (ft. NBS)
13. Sour 16


HHD is proud to premiere the new project from Lord Willin (Providence) and Swann (Toronto).  I had heard some music from Lord Willin before and I liked his style, but I was not as familiar with Swann.   When this project was presented to me with the opportunity to debut it today, I wanted to go about it cautiously. I wanted to give it a complete listen.   I only want to promote material that I can back 100%.  Well, needless to say (since you are reading this) Songs From The Battlefield has my whole-hearted endorsement.    This is a project that knocks from beginning to end that features strong production and dope cameos.  If you have enjoyed the boom-bap that I have posted here on the regular, undoubtedly, you are going to enjoy this.  (Click the link above)

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