38 Spesh – Crowned King (Video)

38 Spesh unleashes some musical motivation for when it comes to attaining one’s goals. He keeps delivering greatness and great music with each release, and Crowned King off his recently released Gunsmoke project, is no different. He continues to show growth and refinement in his craft, and shows off a powerful drive and work ethic to go along with his skill.

M-Dot – Silver Bullet (Video)

Silver Bullet is the final single before the release of M-Dot’s much anticipated opus, egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise, which is set to drop on Friday on his bandcamp page. And on this track, M-Dot makes you feel his angst and pressure over production from Pro Knows Music. He articulates on how he changed and adapted as the times changed. When the tours stopped because of covid, M-Dot just sharpened his tools and began producing, and he continues his fight through music while other faces have faded through the years.

I’ve been waiting on this album a long time, and in four days the wait is over!

Rim & Finn – Facts Of Life (Video)

Finn can really put the soul into a joint! His production on Facts Of Life is just beyond smooth. The crooning sample is just so spot on. And Rim really drops the ‘facts of life’ on this joint. I mean, he really hits the mark on so many points.

“They’ll bring your L’s to the light but keep your wins in the dark”

Aint’ that the truth!

This joint can be found on Rim and Finn’s new project, M!ND STATE.