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King Magnetic and DOCWILLROB – We Want It All (ft. GQ Nuthin Pretty x Benny) (Video)

Some contrasting, yet uniquely dope artists come together on this track from King Magnetic and DOCWILLROB’s project, Back In The TrapBenny and GQ Nothin Pretty each drop verses alongside Magnetic and it just all comes together in a dope fashion.   Magnetic and Benny with a more deliberate style and GQ Nothin Pretty firing off a rapid fire and high energy salvo.    All have bars!

Single You Out: Sedizzy – Raw Rap (ft. Donnie Darko)


This track was actually released back in July of 2017 but serves as the single to Sedizzy’s forthcoming project, Slick Talk Season, which is dropping on December 7th.   And even while it’s an older track, I still feel the need to share it as it illustrates are really dope flow and lyricism from this artist.   We also have Donnie Darko dropping some fiya, and we are very familiar with what he’s capable of and he does not disappoint here.

Make sure you check this project on Friday!

Mister – Approcahing Land (ft. Hemlock Ernst) (Video)

Here’s something new from Mister to vibe on!  Approaching Land features some amazing production from a beatsmith coming out of London by the name of Curt Cataract.    There is such a soulful vibe asserted here that it picks the listener up and simply carries them.  The rhythm and the pace astound, while Mister and Hemlock Ersnt engage you in verbalism that requires a keen ear and thoughtful introspection.   This is something that you need to sink your teeth into in order to fully appreciate.

This song is lifted from Mister and Curt Cataract’s forthcoming album by the same title, Approaching Land, which we will, unfortunately, have to wait three months for…ugggh.  When you hear tracks as special as this it simply makes you crave more.

Single You Out: Pounds X Bodega Bamz X Crimeapple X Spitzwell – Corners

A dope posse cut with production from a man who has put in some serious work this year that may be going unnoticed…Spittzwell.    The production has a lighter vibe with a little bit of electronic vibe.   That allows the emcees Pounds, Bodega Bamz, and Crimeapple to spit some street tales, each bringing their own unique style to the table.

Single You Out: Waterr x The Kurse – Dollars & The Rent


Oh wow!   How about this combination of emcee Waterr and producer The Kurse?!?!  Is this not fresh as fuck?   It kind of reminds me of the same funk and flavor Camp Lo brought to the game in the 1990s.  It’s funky and fresh.   The Kurse incorporates almost a 70s vibe into his hip hop flavor and Waterr continues to impress rocking over a variety of production flawlessly.  His flow and voice really work well with this production.

Astrovandalist – Viking Verses (ft. Ruste Juxx) (Video)

A video single off of the producer Astro Vandalist’s new album, Astroduction, featuring Crown Heights’ own, Ruste Juxx on the mic and the late DJ Devastate on the cuts.  It’s a straight hip hop cut from an album that is itself a testament to hip hop.    You all should put this on your listening list.  It’s impeccable.

DJ Clif – Borne Supremacy (ft. Comet) (Video)

I am hearing a lot of good things about this upcoming project from DJ Clif.   He is dropping some serious gems.   I mean this beat is just ruthless.  I am loving the intensity of the rhythm and Comet delivers the same intensity with his bars, delivering narratives from his life in those NY streets.

The new album, US Connexion, is dropping in early 2019 and as soon as I know about it…you will know about it.

Single You Out: Eff Yoo x The Kurse – Saturn’s Rings (ft. Recognize Ali)


Eff Yoo and producer The Kurse release the single, Saturn’s Rings for their recently dropped album, Spicaso Deluxe, which is out now!  Everything is great about this track.  The haunting production,  the bars from both Eff Yoo and Recognize Ali both ring bells, and then you get the scratches from DJ TMB which takes the track to next level in my opinion.

If you love this joint, you really should obligate yourself to check out the album.