Artist: M-Dot

Album: Dining In Dystopia


  1. Blood, Sweat, & Tears (prod. L.O.B.)
  2. Price Of Love (prod. Jon Glass)
  3. Decadence (ft. Kool G Rap & Revalation) (prod. The Mighty V.I.C.)
  4. Another Day (Remix) (prod. by Pro Knows Music)
  5. Neck Tie (ft. Conway & Nutso) (prod. by Whatson)
  6. Ricochet (prod. by Whatson)
  7. Thunder Slap (ft. Celph Titled, Esoteric, Big Shug, & DZ The Unknown) (prod. by C-Lance)
  8. Schizoid (ft. DZ The Unknown & Mayhem) (prod. by C-Lance)
  9. Wrath Of The Titans (ft. RJ Payne & The Tangiers (prod. by M-Dot)
  10. Stop Watch (ft. Revalation) (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)
  11. Reaganomics (ft. Elzhi, Ras Kass, & Large Pro) (prod. B Leafs)


M-Dot has been showcased numerous times on our site, but the day he drops anything less than stellar, is the day his project doesn’t reach these pages. But my friends, today is not that day. For 10 plus years we rep him as an artist because of what this project, Dining In Dystopia, embodies. It is one part sheer skill and going for the jugular, and another part personal testament to what it takes to achieve this level of recognition.

M-Dot surpasses so many of his contemporaries on a sheer talent level alone, but nobody outworks or “out-sacrifices” this man, making this album a union of both those elements: skill and sacrifice.

The album starts off with two tracks: Blood, Sweat, & Tears and Price Of Love that exemplify the hunger and desire with which M-Dot makes his music. That hunger has only become more obvious over the course of his career. And the latter song mentioned above, the Price Of Love, serves as an emotional template and recipe for those who wish to grab the mic and do things the right way. Jon Glass laces a superlative and soulful track for our emcee to release a passionate methodology as to how HIS path has been carved.

Love comes and goes quicker than a handshake / You demand cake? / Yet you eating off your man’s plate / How you sleep at night knowing that you didn’t earn it, never will you understand cause for the…Price of love

It takes years of work and tons of missteps / You can’t be pissed at, the love don’t kick back / It comes with time, I’m sure though you’ll give up first / Thinking that you’re the king of earth, every time you rip of verse / Yeah I flip the verbs but there’s something more to this

Also on this project, you will hear an assortment of guest bars that will compete with the likes of those found on any other album. You have Kool G Rap (Decadence), Conway The Machine (Neck Tie), Celph Titled, Esoteric, and Big Shug (Thunder Clap), RJ Payne (Wrath Of Titans), and Elzhi, Ras Kass, and Large Pro (Reaganomics). All of these tracks also showcase M-Dot’s microphone tenacity. He has never been outshined on any joint no matter who is featured. He carries his weight, which is saying alot when being paired this group of lyrical stalwarts.

But the track I love the most on this project, is the joint that features his brethren, Revalation. This is the song that I think that puts the stamp on the entire project, and the feature that may hit the hardest. The two emcees each drop superlative verses over some tightly woven production from The Quarter Inch Kings which features strong drums, a well placed vocal sample, and hypnotizing guitar loop. These two artists have been grinding together from the beginning and know what it takes to make the most of their time. And I said it before, and I will say it again, Rev’s bars are being delivered better than they ever have. Each verse I hear him spit seems better than the last. Now check these gems from each. First M-Dot:

I’m moving, no time to ease back / Rappers wanting advice, I provide some feedback / Get your flow tighter / Quit using a ghost writer / You lose when you fake an image for a cosigner

Now Rev:

Before time slips quickly through the hour glass / and hours pass / You need to smell the flowers fast / Before your out of gas / Cuz every moment moves quicker than a stop watch / So beast on em’, make your mark before the clock stops.

And on that note we are indeed Dining In Dystopia with M-Dot when we listen to this album. This musical ensemble serves as the foundation for everything that M-Dot has done in the past, and the lane he carves out in his future. We all got to eat, and we all do so in an imperfect world. But some people just work harder for their meal irrespective of their immense talent. Enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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