Artist: V-Zilla

Album: Mosaic Music


01. Mosaic Musick Intro
02. Stress
03. Bricks In My Back Pack
04. Juke Joint Stroll
05. Ski In The Desert
06. Not The Same
07. Vanilla Sky
08. Talk My Shit
09. The Story
10. Mosaic Musick Outro


I am always interested in new music from V-Zilla. He has put out a handful of albums and side projects over the years and all have been exceptional. This collaboration with fellow Texan, Zeke Lopez, is no different. Actually, in all honesty, it very well may be some of his best work.

First and foremost, if we were unaware previous to this release as to who Zeke Lopez is, we are now very cognizant of his presence. This guy can really cook up some heat in the kitchen! The quality of production ranges from really good to the exceptional. That’s high praise for someone we have never featured here before. I was generally blown away with the overall quality of the project’s beats. And V-Zilla does not disappoint one iota when he blesses us with his verses. Because his projects are far and in between, I forget what a potent wordsmith and conceptualizer he is. He is on par with the very best in the business. Let me give you some case in point data here.

The cut Bricks In My Back Pack gives the listener the perspective of a man who is worn down by not only his surroundings but all the obstacles and baggage that are continually thrown at him. He continues to struggle against a hostile climate which he addresses with much candor. It’s quite honestly a study in the resiliency that many individuals have and are currently going through. It’s certainly a relatable track too many. Check some of these socially charged bars:

…Do black lives matter? Do all lives matter / Do y’all eyes see the fires from the guns splatter? / Are y’all try set to die when the Judge gathers? / Smashes on the wood panel condemning your hood manner / Are you to the target practice? / Are you considered n*&%ga / Are you the one who’s unlawfully dying by the trigger? / Is it your baby getting murdered by a fucking Hitler? / Or are you just going to blame it on the system, Which one is it?

Right after this socially impactful track, Zeke Lopez and Zilla release the super-funky track, Juke Joint Circle. This is just a fun, bragadocious track that you can crank up to a hundred in the whip. The samples Lopez is using here are spot on for the energy of the tack and go hand in hand with the funky bass line. This is my personal favorite.

I’m a loose cannon / I’m capable of true damage / They be acting like I ain’t supposed to be the truth Damn It! / Like how this Mexicano kid came out the booth landed / Punches after punches and ain’t even try to use Spanish?

Let me be clear again, there are no weak tracks on here, just as there are no simply good tracks. Everything on Mosaic Musick knocks hard! And let’s give credit where credit is due, Zeke Lopez put out a premium product for an artist I consider to be an elite emcee. That’s right…I said it, and you can quote me: V-Zilla is an elite commodity when he touches the mic. He doesn’t do the same amount of guest spots as many of the upper echelon, but he is just as ill as any of them. It’s our job at HHD to get the word out. This project may just be the tip of the iceberg for what is to come from Zilla in the next months, but it is the fire every visitor to HHD needs in their collection.

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