Genghis Khan – The Broken Love (2012)


Artist: Genghis Khan

Album: The Broken Love

Source: Artist


1. Salvation (feat. Unconscious Rascall)
2. Violence (feat. Thirstin Howl III, Block McCloud, Gutta, Chris Carbene & DJ Waxwork)
3. Enter the Void (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Spit Gemz)
4. The Black Lodge (feat. Block McCloud)
5. Baby Boy
6. Sadistic Sphinx (feat. Block McCloud & Virtuoso)
7. Eat Your Motherfucking Heart Out (feat. Unconscious Rascall, Dirt Tha General & Chief Kamachi)
8. Hotel Hyde
9. Lust and Loves Domain
10. This Tainted Impulse
11. Kill the Magic (Remix) (feat. Julia Baburova)
12. She Used To Be Love
13. Fallen (feat. Unconscious Rascall)


Today I bring you something entirely different type of project.  The Broken Love is unlike anything I have reviewed or heard before, which is actually very refreshing.  The first thing that comes to mind when I heard this project for the first time is the word taboo.  I felt like  was reading a blacklisted book that I was told never to touch or like Adam and Eve when they touched the forbidden tree in the  Garden Of Eden.  Is that too melodramatic?  Perhaps. But I want you to understand, in no uncertain terms, how unique this album is.

Even from the initial salvo you can hear that Genghis Khan’s sound is introspective.  The beat by The Gemini Lounge (a collective that actually includes Khan)  conjures up imagery of a broken down and abandoned church.  It ‘s very haunting.  The voice sample used to utter the word ‘salvation’ literally sent chills up my spine.   Genghis Khan gives me the impression in this first listen that he has some darkness within him.   I left feeling some angst, pain, and hurt.  This is a reoccuring theme that I find throughout the album.

On the next track, The Black Lodge, label mate (and Distrubia front man) Block McCloud joins forces on the mic with Genghis Khan.  Once again, The Gemini Lounge, gives you that spooky feel with some female vocals that gets looped throughout the song.  She sounds like a voodoo priestess over these big drums.  It sounds sinister and mysterious simultaneously. To see where Khan’s head is, check these lyrics:

I see truth at the edge of the lake ready to drown / I see death watching over me controlling the ground / I see my mother with a wishful eye, wishing she could save me / While the flesh peels off I see a new born baby / It’s earth innocent verse / As we display anger / This is life as it gives birth, there’s blood on the manger / Blood on the dance fl0or /  Blood is a cancer / Blood on the hands of your so called savior / and this is who you pray too? /  He and I have a broken love, blame it on the zen human nature…

That’s some seriously deep music.  He is delving deep into emotion and a broken spiritual connection.  Now whether he would call it broken is a whole other matter entirely.  But from these few bars you definitely get a sense and perspective of at least a part of what The Broken Love is.

This album is one part sinful desire, one part hedonism, and yet another third can be attributed to the category of just being boom-bap.  There are more than a couple of pieces of evidence in that third category.

Sadistic Sphinx  is one such song that you can just turn up and knock.  C-Lance (known for his work with AOTP affiliates and most recently Mad Child’s album Dope Sick) designs an orchestral beat for emcees, Khan, Virtuoso, and Block McCloud to rock out to and that’s exactly what happens.   As Virtuoso puts it in his verse, “pucker up and kiss the box cutter”.  The joint is razor sharp.

The Broken Love is an album that’s meant to be consumed in it’s entirety.  It’s not meant to have five songs released as singles and played on the radio.  It touches on topics of love, lust, religion, spirituality, and hatred. This is a man’s thoughts, angst, and to certain degree, his darkness, set to music.  If the soul could be set to music, this is perhaps what it would sound like.  And as dark as this soundtrack is, we can all relate to it , as everyone has had to deal in a broken love in one form or another.

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