Genghis Khan – The Broken Love (2012)


Artist: Genghis Khan

Album: The Broken Love

Source: Artist


1. Salvation (feat. Unconscious Rascall)
2. Violence (feat. Thirstin Howl III, Block McCloud, Gutta, Chris Carbene & DJ Waxwork)
3. Enter the Void (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Spit Gemz)
4. The Black Lodge (feat. Block McCloud)
5. Baby Boy
6. Sadistic Sphinx (feat. Block McCloud & Virtuoso)
7. Eat Your Motherfucking Heart Out (feat. Unconscious Rascall, Dirt Tha General & Chief Kamachi)
8. Hotel Hyde
9. Lust and Loves Domain
10. This Tainted Impulse
11. Kill the Magic (Remix) (feat. Julia Baburova)
12. She Used To Be Love
13. Fallen (feat. Unconscious Rascall)


Today I bring you something entirely different type of project.  The Broken Love is unlike anything I have reviewed or heard before, which is actually very refreshing.  The first thing that comes to mind when I heard this project for the first time is the word taboo.  I felt like  was reading a blacklisted book that I was told never to touch or like Adam and Eve when they touched the forbidden tree in the  Garden Of Eden.  Is that too melodramatic?  Perhaps. But I want you to understand, in no uncertain terms, how unique this album is.

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Single You Out: Genghis Khan – Violence (ft. Thirstin Howl III, Block McCloud, Gutta,Chris Carbene & DJ Waxwork)

I am cheating with this one.   This song was actually released months ago but was just passed on to me so I am treating it as new.  Genghis Khan has a new album dropping in a few weeks entitled , The Broken Love.  This song is exhibit one as to why I think you should be checking for this album.  The bass line, drums, and keys provide the knocking production for all these dope emcees.  Don’t sleep…

Single You Out: Gutta & Nems – War (ft. Block McCloud and Fresh Jones) b/w Tommy Boy (Gutta)

These songs are just nasty!  Nems and Gutta team up for the track War and Tommy Boy is a solo track by Gutta. Nems is just coming off the release of his album, Filthy Fly Shit which has a number of bangers on it and it’s good to hear Gutta again on the mic.  His album, Heads Will Roll dropped three years ago.  It was produced by Blue Sky Black Death and was vastly underrated.  It still is something that I will play from time to time.  His style has a grimy ferocity to it.   These new songs bode well for what is to come.  Both cuts have beats that knock.  Gutta has a new mixtape dropping soon so be on the lookout for that.


Tommy Boy