Artist: Terminill x Reign State x PMO x Chi Duly

Album: Stone Face

Source: Terminill


1. Doubt (Reign State)
2. Judgement (Chi Duly)
3. Fear (Reign State)
4. Struggle (Terminill)
5. Vanity (Reign State)
6. Courage (Chi Duly)
7. Success (PMO)
8. Awakening (PMO)
9. Loyalty (Reign State)
10. Apathy (Reign State)
11. Compassion (PMO)
12. Transcendence (Reign State)


It is typically not my practice to promote Beat Tapes.  I have always felt the need to have lyrical content added to the music.  I want to listen too wordplay in addition to to having dope production, but Terminill passed the Stone Face project along to me and I told him I would check it out. I procrastinated and hemmed and hawed, but  he is the beatsmith behind the highly acclaimed Service Without A Smile by Serge Severe and I wanted to afford him every opportunity on the strength of that project.  I was glad I did.

The project actually consists of production from four producers in the Great Northwest.  Reign State, PMO, and Chi Duly all lend their talents, along with the aforementioned Terminill.  Terminill however is responsible for the arrangement of the tracks which is a highly underrated part of the process. By the time I reached track number three, Fear. I was hooked.  All the producers really brought something impressive to Stone Face.  My favorite beat was from the man Terminill himself with his lone production, Struggle. The vocal sample on that track was a gem.  It put my head in the clouds for three plus minutes.

I never thought I could listen to Beat Tape straight through nonetheless want to re-listen to a project but Terminill’s efforts may have converted me.  I have gained a true appreciation for something that I had been fighting for a long time.

If I was an emcee I would be working my connects to get in with him and his camp because the sound is extraordinary. Check it out..

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