Single You Out: Serge Severe – Shots Fired (prod. by Zapata)

Serge Severe and Zapata reunite once again to add a classic hip hop touch to their social commentary.  The country is at it’s most divisive point in the 21st Century and the fellas are here to lend some perspective to it. Zapata and Severe have always been an amazing combo.  I appreciate their past collaborations perhaps more than any other recent partnership.  They just sound so in sync.  This soulful landscape along with truly poetic observation, make this cut one to hear.


Single You Out: Serge Severe – Make It (prod. by Stewart Villain)

It’s been a bit since we have heard a project from Serge Severe but things are about to change. His latest track, Make It, takes you through his journey as an artist. From small town to worldwide, Severe has made some serious strides and you will feel the full breadth of his capabilities come the fall when he releases a much anticipated project.

Production on this joint from Stewart Villain.

Single You Out: Serge Severe – The Vigil

I am going to have to find out more about this effort.   Serge Severe is back and with a definitive vengeance.  This production from Maze Rockwell is filthy and Severe’s flow is like a running river over this beat.   The content is quite relevant as well. Don’t get caught in the rat race.  There are different measures to a man’s success.  Well said Serge…well said.

I hope this is part of a greater collaborative effort because this song goes.

Serge Severe – The Bottom Line (Video)

Many of these amateur emcees can take a lesson from Serge Severe’s new single, The Bottom Line.   There are too many carbon copies and robots out there and not enough originators.   Severe and 5th Sequence are culpable for their part though as  they continue to push the status quo forward with dope lyricism and production.

This track hails from their collaborative EP from last year, Boom Bap & Bars Vol. 1

Single You Out: Serge Severe & Gen.Erik- Giant (feat. DJ Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners)

A great DJ can make a great song phenomenal and that’s what happens here.  Serge Severe is a superlative emcee and has made many a great song and this has to be considered one of the best.  And the difference is DJ Total Eclipse.  That kind of expert chopping  is a difference maker.  Gen. Erik is no slouch behind the boards either.  Banging!

OnlyOne – Cult Classic 2 (2013)



Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic 2



No.  I haven’t listened to it all yet.  I just saw it was available and immediately wanted to share it with you.   The three singles that were released earlier and OnlyOne’s previous works alone merit that you download this FREE release.   So stop hemming and hawing and get this one on are your hard drive immediately.   I will do a more proper write up later, but for now just enjoy the music.


Goldini Bagwell – Secondhand Smoke (X​-​Ray EP) (2013)


Artist: Goldini Bagwell

Album: Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP)

Source: Artist



The most unique member of the Sandpeople crew, Goldini Bagwell, has finally released the sequel to his criminally slept on Chainsmoke album.  And while not as deep in terms of the number of tracks on the project, it’s equal in it’s artistic potency.

Once again  the production is fielded by Pmpee Beats out of Finland (I think, no for sure.   He’s from Finland).   The cohesion between producer and emcee at this point is seamless.  They now have two projects under their belts and  the two are always on time and in sync throughout the course of each song.

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