Top 5 EPs (2012)

This was a tough category.  There were so many dope, short projects that were offered up this year that it was really hard to narrow it down to my favorites.  I just kept the one ruling principle in mind as to who made the dopes music.  With that being kept in mind there were some dope artists left off…most notably The Brown Bag AllStars.  That crew put out a ton of dope EPs this year and surely some of them would have made a Top 10, just not the Top 5.  I simply couldn’t let got of these joints.

#1 -The 17th – Free Music EP

The 17th gave us ‘FREE Music’ but not only that, he gave us some remarkable music.  This EP is close to flawless as they come.  You get eight tracks jam packed with flavor, great concept, flows, production, and delivery.  Another remarkable aspect is that much of the EP is his from beginning to end.  He of course is the lead emcee, but also the producer for the bulk of the tracks as well.

Service Without A Smile - Front
#2 – Serge Severe x Terminill – Service Without A Smile

Serge Severe and Terminilllinked up for  a superlative effort on Service Without A Smile.  The two really played off of each other’s strengths and this proved to be one of the illest producer/emcee combos of 2012.

#3 – Nefew x Shakes x Nottz – For Hip Hop

Speaking of ill producer/emcee combos, how about this one?  Swiss-American hip-hop group, Nefew, Virginia emcee Shakes, and super producer Nottz link up for for this five track EP.   You can’t go wrong with this joint!

#4 – Mayday – Thrift Store Halos

MayDay has a sound all unto themselves.  They have have great production to back them up on Thrift Store Halos and their melodies, rhymes, and guest shots throughout make this one a clear winner for 2012.

#5 – The Narcicyst – Leap Of Faith

The Narcicyst comes back in 2012 with a lyrical fury from Dubai.  Ok, a lyrical fury may be a bit extreme but his world observations set to rhythm set him apart from the pack this year.

TMT – Stone Face (2012) (Beat Tape)

Artist: Terminill x Reign State x PMO x Chi Duly

Album: Stone Face

Source: Terminill


1. Doubt (Reign State)
2. Judgement (Chi Duly)
3. Fear (Reign State)
4. Struggle (Terminill)
5. Vanity (Reign State)
6. Courage (Chi Duly)
7. Success (PMO)
8. Awakening (PMO)
9. Loyalty (Reign State)
10. Apathy (Reign State)
11. Compassion (PMO)
12. Transcendence (Reign State)


It is typically not my practice to promote Beat Tapes.  I have always felt the need to have lyrical content added to the music.  I want to listen too wordplay in addition to to having dope production, but Terminill passed the Stone Face project along to me and I told him I would check it out. I procrastinated and hemmed and hawed, but  he is the beatsmith behind the highly acclaimed Service Without A Smile by Serge Severe and I wanted to afford him every opportunity on the strength of that project.  I was glad I did.

The project actually consists of production from four producers in the Great Northwest.  Reign State, PMO, and Chi Duly all lend their talents, along with the aforementioned Terminill.  Terminill however is responsible for the arrangement of the tracks which is a highly underrated part of the process. By the time I reached track number three, Fear. I was hooked.  All the producers really brought something impressive to Stone Face.  My favorite beat was from the man Terminill himself with his lone production, Struggle. The vocal sample on that track was a gem.  It put my head in the clouds for three plus minutes.

I never thought I could listen to Beat Tape straight through nonetheless want to re-listen to a project but Terminill’s efforts may have converted me.  I have gained a true appreciation for something that I had been fighting for a long time.

If I was an emcee I would be working my connects to get in with him and his camp because the sound is extraordinary. Check it out..

Artist Spotlight: Serge Severe (2012)

Usually when I hear an artist for the first time I am rarely left with an impression.  I would say less than 20% of artist submissions wind up on HHD nonetheless stay in constant rotation in my iTunes folder.  Serge Severe does both…constantly.

Serge Severe is the epitome of consistency when it comes to not only bringing quality rhymes, but also quality music.  He has come out with project after project of dope material yet I feel not enough people know about this man’s talent.

He agreed to answer some questions for this feature and I hope you take the time to read it and peep his music.  The man is a great talent…

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Serge Severe x Terminill – Service Without A Smile (2012)

Artist: Serge Severe x Terminill

Album: Service Without A Smile

Source: Artist


1. Monstrosity
2. Rare Flow (ft. Jon Belz)
3. Words In Motion
4. Service Without A Smile
5. Switch It Up
6. Grey Area
7. Thoughts In My Head
8. Know The Truth (ft. Luck One)


I am not a hard man to impress.  I like good hip hop music.  Is that too hard to ask?  Can I get some good hip hop music sent my way? Well, someone in the greater north west heard my beckon call.  Serge Severe and Terminill are certain to make  a statement with their latest release, Service Without A Smile.

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Pass The Mic (ft. Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Jon Belz, Luck One, Quiz Zilla, Mila Gordana, Cassow, and Braille) Produced by Terminill (Video)

I had already known about 2/3 of the emcees on this posse cut.   They all killed it.  Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Luck One, and Braille I am very familiar with.  I own projects from each of these emcees.  Outt of the other emcees, only one really had me wanting to check more of his material.  That’s Jon Belz.  I liked his flow.  Best verse has to go to Braille… It also bears mentioning that Terminill’s beat was pretty standout.