Illogic and Blockhead – Preparing For Capture (2012)

Artist: Illogic and Blockhead

Album: Preparing For Capture


1. Matter Of Minutes
2. Poster boy
3. Nails (ft. Rob Sonic)
4. Ego’s Orbit
5. Weigh You Down
6. Caffeine Budge
7. Herstory


Illogic is a veteran emcee known for expanding on the known bounds of hip hop.  On one hand he is a solid emcee who can spit with the best of them and easily move in and out of different constructs and sub-genres. On the other hand, he is a classic poet. He utilizes poetic structure and devices, such as assonance and alliteration heavily in his rhymes.  He is intellectual and conjures vivid imagery with his wordplay.  He also takes normal, everyday emotions and transcends them into a flurry of words and vice versa. He is truly a one of a kind artist.

On Preparing For Capture Illogic links up with Blockhead for the production. This is yet another excellent pairing for a project. Their styles compliment each other extraordinarily well.

The project is littered with songs that border on words like ‘impeccable’ and ‘flawless’. The second song off the project, Poster Boy, is a particular masterpiece. As the self-ascribed ‘mascot for the haven-nots’ and ‘poster boy for artistry’ Illogic goes in on the state of the art in an eloquence unmatched. He encourages others to buck trends and use the gifts they have been given and rages against averageness and mediciocrity along with those who propagate  it. His lyrical musings:

Illogic here to spread a heart’s worth of artwork / Along with Blockhead who laced the undertow where the shark’s lurk / ‘Master Of The Voicebox’, beats knock like the cops came / Lucid limericks mimic the precision of tidal waves / Me and sound found a little hideaway / With just enough space for my style to play

Teach Me To Learn arrives next in line and is equally up to the task of promoting thoughtful lyricism. Blockhead puts together vibrant production that initially starts off with hi-hats, guitar, and some ambient sounds, but then as the chorus hits, he brings in some funky horns that lift the track up. As a listener, what I take away from Illogic’s verses is always be willing to learn a new lesson and be open to that opportunity.

I gotta learn to walk so I can get off my hands and knees / Be a man, stand and believe There’s a forest beyond the trees

Illogic has already proved to be the master of telling a tale. Case in point is his amazing song,  First Trimester, from his Celestial Clockwork project. But on this release he uses the track, HERstory to showcase this ability once again. He narrates the story of young lady in the third person. It’s the story of a woman who is depraved and discarded. She was abused and neglected as a child and is lead into a particularly bad relationship with a man who feeds her addiction until she dies. The ending is a cliffhanger and therefore I will not give away.

Every once in a while you run into an emcee who has no mold to be broken. He has no equal and no one is doing the same thing as him or her. Illogic is one such artist and when given the opportunity to showcase his gifts over Grade A production it’s us, the listeners, who are truly rewarded.

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