Illogic and Blockhead – Preparing For Capture (2012)

Artist: Illogic and Blockhead

Album: Preparing For Capture


1. Matter Of Minutes
2. Poster boy
3. Nails (ft. Rob Sonic)
4. Ego’s Orbit
5. Weigh You Down
6. Caffeine Budge
7. Herstory


Illogic is a veteran emcee known for expanding on the known bounds of hip hop.  On one hand he is a solid emcee who can spit with the best of them and easily move in and out of different constructs and sub-genres. On the other hand, he is a classic poet. He utilizes poetic structure and devices, such as assonance and alliteration heavily in his rhymes.  He is intellectual and conjures vivid imagery with his wordplay.  He also takes normal, everyday emotions and transcends them into a flurry of words and vice versa. He is truly a one of a kind artist.

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