UllNevaNo – I’m Thru With Love (2012)

Artist: UllNevaNo

Album: I’m Thru With Love

Source: Artist


1. i’m thru with love
2. that’s what she said
3. pick up lines
4. jean, eternia, boog
5. move on remix (ft. VerBs)
6. she’s got beauty


I am an anti-Valentine’s day guy.  I know, what a downer.  But I don’t need to use one day in particular to treat my lady right, you heard?  Well, with that being said, B’more artist, UllNevaNo, shot this EP over to me on Valentine’s Day and it just sat in my hard drive for a while.  I’m just not fond of the Valentine’s Day musical motif.  I finally got around to listening to it, and  it wasn’t the typical fluff that you usually get in the inbox on February 14th.   I should have trusted that UllNevaNo wasn’t going to send us some of the same ol’, same ol’.  So because I am a jaded asshole, you all are hearing about this dope release weeks late…sorry.

The first song, and title track, I’m Thru With Love is the one that I am most fond of.  I enjoy the way producer DGK  uses a singer’s standard vocal sample and the piano.   Those two items really make this song shine.  UllNevaNo drops different maxims on the nuances of being in a relationship.  His second verse starting out with people who air their business on Facebook and use hashtags definitely made me crack a smile.  It is indeed the digital romance era.

Jean, Eternia, Boog is an ode to the best female emcees in the game, Jean Grae, Eternia, and Boog Brown.  Each verse deals in UllNevaNo’s appreciation for these ladies.   Interestingly enough I remember Jean Grae doing a song in this same mode for Nas a few years ago.  It’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot as it were.  UllNevaNo does a nice job remarking on each artist’s beauty and talent.

In the end, I’m Thru With Love, isn’t cut from the same mold as it’s predecessors, nor as it’s contemporaries.   It’s not overly bitter and it’s not too sweet either.  It deals with different aspects of relationships, the single scene, and finding the one.  The production, while not all original, is all superlative.  And one thing that I have noted about UllNevaNo, is that his skill level for writing rhymes and rocking mics, is good for any day, including, yes…Valentine’s Day.

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