Awthentik – Foreclosure (2011)

Artist: Awthentik

Album: Foreclosure

Source: Bandcamp


1. Take A Bow
2. The World Isn’t Yours
3. A Nobody (ft. Laelo Hood)
4. It’s My Job (ft. Kutta)
5. The Real Awthentik
6. #FUCKACOSIGN (ft. Kutta)
7. Purified Madness
8. Cereal But No Milk (ft. Kutta)
9. Don’t Do It
10. 6AM Rap (ft. Incwell and Sleepwalker)
11. Beat The Cat (ft. Ethan Spalding)
12. Cigarillo In My Pocket (ft. Laelo Hood)
13. Morning Motivation
14. Lifetime’s The Right Time (ft. Alison Carney)
15. Pour Out A Little Liquor


An artist who produces and emcees is usually great/good at one and subpar/mediocre at the other.   This could not be further from the truth with Awthentik, which is why his project, Foreclosure,  is being mentioned on HHD.  I am really impressed with his ability to write and emcee as well as his ability behind the boards.  He is accomplished at both crafts, hence this release is full of gritty bangers and above average lyricism.

You can hear that raw lyricism and production on perfect display with the track, A Nobody, which also showcases another DMV  stalwart, Laelo Hood.   These two sound really good over this beat which prominently features a slow and pulsing electric bass line. Awthentiks’ lines tie together perfectly.  One bar just falls right into the next one, keeping his rhyme scheme interesting. Everything about Awhtentik’s verse is a quotable, but it’s hard to hone down on just a few excerpts because of the way it flows.  The chorus echoes “I’m just a nobody…but looking for a place to go…I’m just a nobody…You’ll never know“.  I take this song as a way to state:  Sleep on us if you will but you will recognize this skill and I’m not going anywhere.

Cereal But No Milk is also a noted gem off of this release.  I definitely enjoy the production.   It’s got just a touch of funk only to be coupled with a dab of the boom bap.  There is definitely some Golden Era appeal to this track.  Awthentik’s verse is about as raw as it can get on this track:

Yeah, you know my mom from the gutta / I’m the product of an alcoholic lover / I got to get it, the whole nine yards / Love my daddy for going up in my momma raw / Man I got a deep fetish, call it my job /Get up on the stage, I don’t do it like yall / Man, I do it type raw / Kill it for the fans / Nothing they ain’t ever seen / Most them ni#@as my friends / Yeah I’m puffing that green…

It’s this type of rugged verse that is found throughout Foreclosure.  He seems to take no shorts at all.  The realism and mentality is intense and just draws listeners in.

The next track, Don’t Do It, is funky, soulful, and boom bap all wrapped together.  Awthentik discusses his impressions of where hip hop is from and where it is going.  This is an artist’s genuine expression of displeasure of where the music he loves has gone over the years. I see a man who yearns to get some return on investment for the blood, sweat, and tears he has put in to the game.  Here’s how he relays his message in the chorus:

I just want a piece of her love back /  She fell off, she’s too far to come back / She left me for the fools with enough cash / I gave her love, she never gave me enough back

Foreclosure can best be described as a near perfect blend between boom bap production and lyrical pragmatism.  Awthenitk is a realist and he calls it how hes sees it.  His messages come in loud and clear, with the finesse of a being hit over the head of blunt instrument.   The aforementioned tracks along with It’s My Job, Morning Motivation, and Pour Out a Little Liquor, continue to demonstrate his abilities along with his ‘take-no-shorts’ mentality. He holds nothing back. Not to be lost between the lines is the fact that most of the production came from him alone.  The sound he crafts for his album is stand out.  It certainly makes more of an impression to know that when he says this is his album, it really is his in nearly every facet, so you really get the full sense of where Awthentik is coming from.  So without further ado….

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