Awthentik – Foreclosure (2011)

Artist: Awthentik

Album: Foreclosure

Source: Bandcamp


1. Take A Bow
2. The World Isn’t Yours
3. A Nobody (ft. Laelo Hood)
4. It’s My Job (ft. Kutta)
5. The Real Awthentik
6. #FUCKACOSIGN (ft. Kutta)
7. Purified Madness
8. Cereal But No Milk (ft. Kutta)
9. Don’t Do It
10. 6AM Rap (ft. Incwell and Sleepwalker)
11. Beat The Cat (ft. Ethan Spalding)
12. Cigarillo In My Pocket (ft. Laelo Hood)
13. Morning Motivation
14. Lifetime’s The Right Time (ft. Alison Carney)
15. Pour Out A Little Liquor


An artist who produces and emcees is usually great/good at one and subpar/mediocre at the other.   This could not be further from the truth with Awthentik, which is why his project, Foreclosure,  is being mentioned on HHD.  I am really impressed with his ability to write and emcee as well as his ability behind the boards.  He is accomplished at both crafts, hence this release is full of gritty bangers and above average lyricism.

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