Cymarshall Law x Mr. Joeker – Hip Hop In The Soul 2 (2011)

Artist: Cymarhsall Law x Mr. Joeker

Album: Hip Hop In The Soul 2

Source: Cymarshall Law


1. How I Feel
2. Murderous
3. Every Day
4. Freedom Of Speech
5. I’m Gonna Win
6. Juggling
7. 911
8. Ring Of Fire (ft. John Robinson and Skit Slam)
9. Bump In The Night
10. Sing This Picture
11. Rebound Girl
12. The Color
13. The Broken Hearted
14. Life Is A Mistery
15. The War
16. My Time
17. Great Ones
18. No Sleep


I’ve been following Cymarshall Law’s career for a while.  I own a few of his albums and I always thought he was a talented emcee.  I actually own this album’s predecessor (Hip Hop In The Soul) and thought it had quite a few bangers on it.  This album is the natural progression of the emcee/producer relationship in that this is their second complete effort.  The more you work together, the better you become, and that’s where I think you find Cy and Mr. Joeker.  They are in familiar territory and building off of the foundation from the last album and I do think that makes this album even better.

The album is strong throughout.  There is no track that I would consider average. It’s certainly consistent, and there are more than a few songs off of the album that border on remarkable making this album a great listen.

One of those cuts that I would consider to be remarkable is the Diana Ross sample driven track, My Time.  I love what Mr. Joeker did with this sample.  It’s immaculate.   I really can’t speak enough on this.  I don’t think I could ever grow tired of this song.   And the acoolades don’t stop with the production,  Cymarshall Law definitely knows how to turn a phrase:

It’s interesting  how a blessing can be a curse and / When the ones you love, are the ones you end up hurtin’ / But in the end, everybody get what they deserving / And a true master knows that you never stop learning…

Great Ones is also a track that gives you insight as to how gifted Cymarshall Law is.  He recounts the biographies (albeit abbreviated) of some of the great legends of our times. On the first verse he speaks on the career of Stevie Wonder, on the second Muhammad Ali, and finally, on the third, he tells the story of Michael Jordan.  He tells each story with incredible precision, remembering detailed events that are embedded in in the memories of those who watched those individuals ascend to greatness.  The message is simple, as those aforementioned individuals seized greatness, you too will have the the opportunity to make the most of.

The War also demonstrates more potency from the duo.   This track can get anyone prepared to tackle their daily grand.   The beat bangs along with synth keys, giving this track the feel of an anthem.  It just rouses one’s confidence and emplore’s the listener to go for yours.I can easily see a live crowd singing the chorus:

This feels like a battle /  I’m here for the war / And I’m ready to go harder than I ever have before…

Color is a cut that is bound to force people to take notice.  The beat, the synth base, and the background vocals all provide a dope canvas for Cymarshall Law to impart several narrations that involve race, tradition, and stereotypes.  Each verse tells a of a different circumstance that involves the color of one’s skin.  One of Cymarshall Law’s gifts is the ability to craft great stories and you will see that throughout his career.

Hip Hop In The Soul 2 is consistent and at points it is great.  Any album that comes in at eighteen tracks runs the risk of redundancy, and while some of the subject matter is duplicated from track to track, the album is infused with high energy, positivity, and perseverance.   The word, “soul”, which graces the title of this album, really serves a double meaning.  You really feel that Cymarshall Law put a ton of himself into this album.  I think you find his ideals embedded in every song.  You would like to say every artist would do the same but that is sadly not the case.  Cymarshall lended this album integrity, and in a sense his soul.  The second meaning is a more literal one. Mr. Joeker made this album ooze soul.  Much of his production is beyond superlatives and you will have those “Oh, wow!” moments throughout the course of listening.  His use of altering and bending samples was jaw dropping on some occasions.   This is definitely an album you are going to want to hear.   It drops on October 4th on Itunes.  (I will attach a link once it is available)

Here is a video sampler of the project:

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