Cymarshall Law – The Warning (ft. AceWonda) (Video)

I just listened to Cymarshall Law’s album, Imperfectly Perfect, a few days ago in it’s entirety and it’s really dope!  And The Warning is certainly one of the standout cuts from the project.  This production is on some old Wu-Tang type steez and both Law and cohort AceWonda do the effort justice with some pretty intricate rhyme flows and flips.  This cut and project are definitely a couple of steps above what the masses are doing.

I strongly suggest you check this project out!

Single You Out: Reef Ali & DJ Grazzhoppa – Smut Therapy (ft. Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Cymarshall Law)

Smut Therapy (Flier)

Now this made my morning!  Ras Kass, M-Dot, and Cymarshall Law on the same track!  That theory sounded incredibly dope in email and my expectations were realized to their fullest potential when I heard this joint.    Each emcee kills it in their unique fashion while discussing the ladies’ “loose tendencies”. Reef Ali creates this nostalgic banger while DJ Grazzhoppa chops it up something excellent (like always).

The other great part about this is that I find out Reef Ali and Grazzhoppa are creating an entire project called, You Asked For It.  That’s going to be dope!


M-Dot – Layer Cake (2012)

Artist: M-Dot

Album: Layer Cake

Source: Artist


01. Intro
02. B-Sting (Produced By JoniZ)
03. 123 Flow (Produced By Kore)
04. Taggant Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By Confidence & M-Credible) Cuts By DJ Family Tyz & DJ ToneDeff Cutz
05. The Difference (Produced By Soulslicers)
06. You Ain’t Ready Ft. Nutso (Produced By MidiFlash)
07. True Lies (Remix) Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca (Produced By LP2)
08. Worldwide Ft. Armageddon (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
09. We Are (Produced By Onederkid)
10. Woke Up Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By DJ LP2)
11. Interlude
12. The Doors Ft. EMS (Rev, Mayhem) & Olivia Pierson (Produced By LX Beats)
13. Unfukwitable (Produced By Sutter Kain)
14. Let it Out (Produced By DJ Connect)
15. El Mariachi Ft. Chaundon, Cymarshall Law & Daily Planet (Produced By Reef Ali) Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa
16. Nothing To Fool With Ft. Hell Rell of Dipset & JTronius (Produced By FRZ)
17. Heavy Ft. Big Shug & Benefit of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez) Cuts By DJ Reel Drama
18. Numerical Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Misanthropist)
19. Circulate Ft. Dominique Larue & Boycott Blues (Produced By DWill)
20. Wall Flowers (Produced By MidiFlash)
21. Think Twice (Remix) (Intro By DJ Premier) Ft. Av’Rex, Big Shug, Singapore Kane & Krumb Snatcha (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
22. Xmas Broke Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez)
23. Backstabbers (Produced By Gajos)


Our reigning champ, M-Dot, shot this project over to me many moons ago, while he has been galavanting around Europe on tour with the likes of that group you may have heard of,…Slaughterhouse.  Unfortunately it has taken me this long to get to do a write up on the project.  Really, Layer Cake, is a collection of guest spots, features, and rarities that M-Dot has put out or been a part of in the last 12 months.  While it isn’t an album, there are plenty of dope tracks collected together worth talking about.

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Cymarshall Law x Mr. Joeker – Hip Hop In The Soul 2 (2011)

Artist: Cymarhsall Law x Mr. Joeker

Album: Hip Hop In The Soul 2

Source: Cymarshall Law


1. How I Feel
2. Murderous
3. Every Day
4. Freedom Of Speech
5. I’m Gonna Win
6. Juggling
7. 911
8. Ring Of Fire (ft. John Robinson and Skit Slam)
9. Bump In The Night
10. Sing This Picture
11. Rebound Girl
12. The Color
13. The Broken Hearted
14. Life Is A Mistery
15. The War
16. My Time
17. Great Ones
18. No Sleep


I’ve been following Cymarshall Law’s career for a while.  I own a few of his albums and I always thought he was a talented emcee.  I actually own this album’s predecessor (Hip Hop In The Soul) and thought it had quite a few bangers on it.  This album is the natural progression of the emcee/producer relationship in that this is their second complete effort.  The more you work together, the better you become, and that’s where I think you find Cy and Mr. Joeker.  They are in familiar territory and building off of the foundation from the last album and I do think that makes this album even better.

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