Weekly Recommendation: Astro Vandalist – Astroduction (2018)


Artist:  Astro Vandalist

Album: Astroduction


1. DV alias Khryst – Astroduction
2. D-Strong – The reaper
3. Declaime feat Georgia Muldrow – Helicopters
4. Rasco – Live & learn
5. Blaq Poet feat Born Unique – In the danger zone
6. Ruste Juxx – Viking verses
7. Dro Pesci – Keep it street
8. Sadat X feat Nine – Nomical
9. Dirt Platoon – Bellyache
10. Born Unique – Dirt naps
11. El Gant feat Shabaam Shadeeq – Vandetta
12. FT feat Godsunz – Astro beast
13. Akbar – Off the grid (OTG)
14. Beneficence – Up in ya era
15. El Da Sensei – Bars & boastin’
16. John Robinson – Music never ends
17. Maylay Sparks feat DJ Too Tuff – Tally up


I am going to start featuring one album from the previous week every Monday because there is so much good music that I believe is going unheard.   And this album from French producer, Astro Vandalist,  is something that you guys need to be made aware of.  It’s 17 tracks of unadulterated and potent hip hop.  The beats really hit hard and you can see by this lineup of emcees that there are some heavy hitters on here.

Check out and cop the whole thing as it is worth every penny, but here are my favorite tracks if you want a sampling!

John Robinson & PVD – All of the World (Video)

This is embarrassing….I haven’t checked out the album Modern Vintage yet.  John Robinson & PVD dropped the album on Tuesday and I have yet to get my hands on it but that’s going to change shortly.  I really am enjoying the laid back vibe that this track embraces.   It makes hip hop cool in an era where not much else is.   A lot of artists embrace the tough guy music while others look to make headway on the radio with watered down music. This music that Robinson and PVD are doing, just moves you.

C-Rayz Walz – STIMULI (I’m Ready) (ft. L.I.F.E.Long, John Robinson & Jasiri X)

C-Rayz Walz has been making GREAT music for a LONG time.   I think his music has been going under the radar though lately, and it’s up to us fans to spread the word.  Stimuli reunites two founding members of the Stronghold family, Walz and L.I.F.E. Long.  Their spittery is incredibly polished.   John Robinson then adds his laid back approach to the mic while Jasiri X plays the anchor and ends the rhyme salvo with a furious sixteen.

If you are not in the know, Walz has released a new project entitled: ALMIGHTY: The Solar Facts  There are so many ill bars on the project that you can just set aside your abacus and forget the count.   Enjoy!

Single You Out: SciFi Stu – What You Wanna Know? (ft. John Robinson, Venomous 2000, Tone Liv and Chinch 33)



Scifi Stu is not one to rest on his laurels.  Hot off of his Blood album that he recently released, he drops another gem on them with What You Wanna Know?  The flute lures you in and pretty soon the drums just take over.  One of those mesmerizing tracks.   There are lots of good emcees on this cut so don’t miss out on this one!



Single You Out: Cashus Flow – The Right Time (ft. John Robinson)


Cashus Flow dropped a new single.  This one features John Robinson.  I am not going to tell you what group he’s from.  If you don’t know that by now, I just don’t know what to tell you.

But back to this track.  It’s definitely more mellow than the last single he shot over.  But he still delivers on quality and content on his rhymes.  Lamplighter’s Delight drops this coming Tuesday on his bandcamp page, so save a few extra duckets this week and contribute to the cause.

Cymarshall Law x Mr. Joeker – Hip Hop In The Soul 2 (2011)

Artist: Cymarhsall Law x Mr. Joeker

Album: Hip Hop In The Soul 2

Source: Cymarshall Law


1. How I Feel
2. Murderous
3. Every Day
4. Freedom Of Speech
5. I’m Gonna Win
6. Juggling
7. 911
8. Ring Of Fire (ft. John Robinson and Skit Slam)
9. Bump In The Night
10. Sing This Picture
11. Rebound Girl
12. The Color
13. The Broken Hearted
14. Life Is A Mistery
15. The War
16. My Time
17. Great Ones
18. No Sleep


I’ve been following Cymarshall Law’s career for a while.  I own a few of his albums and I always thought he was a talented emcee.  I actually own this album’s predecessor (Hip Hop In The Soul) and thought it had quite a few bangers on it.  This album is the natural progression of the emcee/producer relationship in that this is their second complete effort.  The more you work together, the better you become, and that’s where I think you find Cy and Mr. Joeker.  They are in familiar territory and building off of the foundation from the last album and I do think that makes this album even better.

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