Homeboy Sandman – Waiting My Girl (Video)

Homeboy Sandman has one of most unique flows and styles in hip hop. His flow, voice, and cadence are easy to differentiate from his contemporaries. But what it is also easy to distinguish is his creativity, his ability to dissect topics, and his marvelous sense of humor. Waiting On My Girl is awesome on so many levels, not the least of which is how relatable to some of us it might be. And the visuals for this track are nothing short of outstanding. Another great video to showcase today. Quelle Chris on the production which again is top notch.

Check out Sandman’s new album, Don’t Feed The Monster, out now!

Kyle Rapps – On Air Mixtape (2011)

Artist: Kyle Rapps

Album: On Air Mixtape

Source:  Can’t Remember


1. Lost Message
2. Streets Move On
3. Universe Traveler (ft. Talib Kweli)
4. Angel
5. J’ai Dormi
6. Modular (ft. C-Rayz Walz)
7. Lost In Translation
8. Love Love 2  (ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman)


This is my first time noting, Kyle Rapps musical efforts on this site.  I have previously listened to his other releases, Great and ReEdutainment, and while I think those were both good, I think On Air really takes a giant step forward.   I really enjoy listening to Kyle’s flow on this joint.  It’s slow and deliberate but still shows a lot of personality.  His lyrics are also very accessible and relate able.   There are a lot of dope guest shots but none of them really overshadow what Kyle Rapps has done with this project.

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