Moke and Tone – Shot Heard Around The World (2011)

Artist: Moke and Tone

Album: Shot Heard Around The World

Source: Itunes


01. F*ck Y’all (feat. DJ Theory)
02. Sh*t is a Trip
03. Shining (feat. DJ Theory)
04. Respect (feat. 1ne Man Sound, Black Buddha, Crooked I, Mr. Metaphor & DJ Theory)
05. False Flags (feat. Tools)
06. Emergency Broadcast
07. Destiny
08. Pitch Black
09. The Dark And The Light (feat. Catalyst)
10. This Thing of Ours (feat. Vorheez)
11. My Life (feat. Toussaint The Liberator)
12. Shining (Tone’s Dubstep Remix)


I am familiar with one half of the duo Moke and Tone. Tone is a member of the Problemaddicts. A group that I got into a couple of years ago. They are very creative and lyrical in their endeavors. Also, Tone had a song on the Ide (Creative Juices) and Skavenger release called Razor. And that joint was in my Top 5o last year. So with all that background, I definitely wanted to hear what this duo had to offer and I was not disappointed in the least.

They are on point lyrically, musically, and conceptually. Conceptually being the integral factor in what differentiates this album from the rest of the pack. There are a lot of creative tracks on Shot Heard Around The World.

The first joint that caught my attention was, Shit Is A Trip. The song essentially a discussion on wordily things that amaze these emcees, They mention items such as military intervention, nuclear holocaust, and stem cell research along with a variety of other things the artists find perplexing. What makes the track even doper is the outstanding production from Team Genius. The bass line on this cut is thick and makes this track exceptional.

Destiny was the first single which I covered a couple of weeks ago. This track still remains among the elite of the album. The chorus on this track really binds the emcees verses together. There is a lot of chemistry to be found on this album, and this track serves as an excellent example of that fact.

By far my favorite track is the song, Pitch Black. This song features a couple of stories that literally leave your jawbone dropped. Moke and Tone tell some extremely depraved tales. I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone’s mind would create something of this nature. I couldn’t quote Tone’s verse bar for bar but I wanted to give you all at least a synopsis so you know where this commentary is coming from.

Spoiler Alert

Tone narrates the tale of three friends who go out in the evening to drink. Those friends are Doug, Kyle, and Brian. As the story goes, Doug drives his friends home but is driving recklessly. He crashes the car. The accident kills Kyle horrifically. Doug, fearing for his own skin, knowing he is in hot water, drags Brian’s unconscious body to the driver’s seat to avoid accountability. Brian then winds up fighting a legal battle and recovering in the hospital, while Doug gets off scott free. But Doug is riddled with guilt, becomes a meth addict, and then takes his own life by hanging himself. Now imagine this story set to an ill beat, again provided by Team Genius, and rhymed in perfect form. The beat uses the Rolling Stone’s classic, Paint It Black. The use of the sample is extra clever and is blended perfectly with the drums and synth. It’s incredible, trust.

Shot Heard Around The World is a strong album by any set of standards. Moke and Tone are a great combo on a lyrical level.  They were on the same page and cohesive with each track.  They also enlisted the help of some renowned  production, with the likes of Illmind. But not to be outdone is the lesser known, Team Genius, whose production is featured on the tracks that stand out the most to me. The album is very well put together. It encompasses many components that constitute great music and makes for a great listen. It is an album that will retain great replay value. So if you favor dope and intricate rhymes, superlative production, and varying concepts (I know you do, by the way) do not hesitate to cop this.

3 thoughts on “Moke and Tone – Shot Heard Around The World (2011)

  1. The first verse of pitch black is a true story, except for the part where doug becomes a methhead and commits suicide at the end. Brian’s my boy.

    • I try and not comment to my own posts, but wow. I would never have thought that the story was based on real life events. Thanks for bringing the truth to light and a better sense of perspective.


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