Artist:  Kaimbr x Kev Brown

Album: The Alexander Green Project

Source: Itunes


1. Solid (Feat. Kenn Starr & Sean Born) (Prod. By Kev Brown)
2. Gritz (Prod. By Kev Brown)
3. Audio Background (Prod. By Kev Brown)
4. Firewater (Feat. Cy Young) (Prod. By Kev Brown)
5. Hook (Prod. By Kev Brown)
6. Rapping (Feat. Sean Born) (Prod. By Kev Brown)
7. Songs (Prod. By Kev Brown)
8. My Apology (Prod. By Kev Brown)
9. Three Sixty (Prod. By Kev Brown)
10. Army Fatigue Rap (Feat. DJ Roddy Rod & Hassan Mackey) (Prod. By Kev Brown)
11. The Combination (Feat. Sean Born, Kenn Starr, Dj Marshall Law, Quatermaine, IQ & Hassan Mackey) (Prod. By Kev Brown)
12. We Getting On (Prod. By Kev Brown)
13. More Gritz (Feat. Asher Roth & The Kid Daytona) (Prod. By Kev Brown)


I am not up on Kaimbr.  I saw him on the Rawkus 50 a few years ago but none of his music ever made it into my Ipod.  Not because I didn’t like him as an artist, but I just have to claim ignorance on this one. Well, for my ears, the wait is finally over.   The Alexander Green Project features the aforementioned Kaimbr flowing over Kev Brown production.  That same production is based upon Al Green’s music.   The project is very harmonious and proves to be a great listen by any standard of the imagination.

Many of the samples in this project have been used before but never with this caliber of artistic vision.  Kev Brown does a great job placing his specific twist upon Al Green’s music.  I thought it was blended into hip hop production beautifully.

Now how would I describe Kaimbr’s style as an emcee?  He’s not laid back.  His approach is very aggressive, yet charismatic at the same time.  Once again we have an artist who doesn’t rely on punchlines and one-liners but rather on a dominant flow.  While the beats may be smooth and soulful, Kaimbr is bringing some verbal heat.  And while smooth production and an aggressive rhyme style may seem mismatched to some, Kev Brown and Kaimbr make it a beautiful combination and erase your misconceptions.

One of my personal favorites, Rapping, is one of those seamless blends of Al Green’s original music with Kev Brown’s hip hop production.  When I say this joint is beautiful, I really mean it’s  ‘Sistine-Chapel’ type beautiful.  I love how Kev Brown slides the vocal sample in and out of the track.  Kaimbr and guest emcee, Sean Born, really get after it lyrically on this one.  They rebuke the competition with some sharp bars and braggadocio rhyme style.   The song just remains razor sharp from start to finish.

Songs is probably the track that shines the most in an album full of gems.  Kev Brown gives us his rendition of Al Green’s, Love And Happiness.  I love the drums and even more, I love how Kaimbr sounds on this track.  He bodies this beat and his skill is there for all to see.  He drops some really nice bars on this joint.  Check some of his flow from his second verse:

These are songs for the Christian children / The Jews and the Muslims /Cuz it’s like I lost my religion / Lost in the system / My heart reside with my old Earth / Picture me rollin’, it’s that dirt / N***a it’s that work / More than a mere hustle / Red/Black baby, subject to struggle / Eyes on the sparrow / My tower won’t buckle / Rose like Phoenix in the midst of the rubble.

The bars and dope lines don’t stop there.  Every track from here on out is just demonstration after demonstration of ill lyricism.  The collaborative joints, Army Fatigue Rap, The Combination, and More Gritz allow other extremely talented artists to showcase their skill, but none really ever outshines their host. Kaimbr shows the qualities that I admire and love to see illustrated throughout an album.  He is intelligent but never goes over your head.  He remains raw and gritty and never comes across over-emotional. His flow is impressive and on point.  When you couple the talent of Kaimbr with the ingenuity and creativity of Kev Brown, you have not only a winning combination but an album worth of every accolade it could receive.

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