King Mez x Khrysis – The King’s Khrysis

Artist: King Mez x Khrysis

Album: The King’s Khrysis

Source: DJ Booth


1. Reaching Out (Intro)
2. Nightmare
3. Shine
4. From The South (feat. Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog & DJ Flash)
5. Something’s Missing
6. The King’s Khrysis (feat. Phonte)


King Mez’s release last year, The Paraplegics, produced entirely by Commissioner Gordon, was one of the best releases in 2010.  I became an instant fan of King Mez and swore I would try and make sure I listened to all his releases from here on out.   And sure enough, King Mez does not disappoint me one bit on The King’s Khrysis.   He is backed by one of the most established producers in the game.  Khrysis is excellent on switching up production, giving the listener a different look/listen within the same song. Case in point is the first track, Reaching Out.

Reaching Out is not only the intro to the project but it is an excellent build up to the rest of the EP.  It serves to get the listener aware for what is to come. The production starts off ever so subtly and builds to a crescendo in certain parts.  The content has King Mez sending his salutes to those who paved the way in locale so that he too could pursue his dreams.

My favorite track, From The South, features Thee Tom Hardy and The Away Team’s Sean Boog.  I have always enjoyed Thee Tom Hardy’s music but he absolutely annihilates this beat.  His verse on this alone makes it stand out.  Unfortunately his bars are so fluid that I am just not fast enough to catch all the wordplay involved so I could pen to paper.  It’s all quotable.  But each of the emcees have the capacity to drop some devastating lyrics on this beat.  And that they do. Khrysis is definitely the backbone for this song’s success though.  His sample of a voice crooning “…I came from the south…” definitely made me smile.  And while I was unable to lift Thee Tom Hardy’s verse, I did want to share a piece of King Mez’s lyrics from the song as they demonstrate a glimpse of what this artist is capable of:

Viscious, only because I need to be / People take advantage of your weaknesses so easily / So my loyal homies / Never phony / “Bap-Bap-Bap” – you run up on me / Who will never leave me lonely / All I need to me

When listening to The King’s Khrysis you are treated to one of hip hop’s rising stars and production from one of the most prolific minds in independent hip hop.  King Mez can prove in a few verses that dope lyricism is not confined to the states above the Mason-Dixon line.  Raleigh, North Carolina definitely has a favorite son when it comes to music and the name is King Mez.  Pay attention!

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