Single You Out: Verbal Kent – Raponomics (prod. by Khrysis)


I am really glad to see Verbal Kent make moves in the last couple of years.  This is a man who has been paying dues for a long time, and his recognition is long overdue.  He’s got a very recognizable voice, so every time he hits the mic there’s no questioning the identity.  His rhyme writing has also elevated throughout the years.  This time he teams up with the legendary, Khrysis for the song, Rapanomics, which is the jump off for their album, Sound Of The Weapon, which drops on February 28th.  Peep.

Curtessy x The Militia – Expectations (2013)


Artist: Curtessy x The Militia

Album: Expectations


  1. A New Day
  2. What It Seems
  3. One (ft. Khrysis)
  4. Emcee
  5. Expectations (ft. Wally Left x Rome Clientel)
  6. The Lifestyle (ft. MidaZ The BEAST)
  7. All My Life
  8. South Central (ft. Pro Logic)
  9. Aint No Love
  10. End Of The Day


One thing that I have learned for certain in 2013 is that The Militia is an elite production outfit.   They concoct some raw and innovative boom bap for artists, in this case, Curtessy to spit over.

Expectations is an interesting title for this album, because not really knowing what Curtessy was about, I really had no expectations for this release.  But as it turns out, with this release, he’s starting to set those expectations with this release.  And he sets that bar high.

The project of course features spine-snapping drums and soulful rhythms from The Militia but also a very driven Curtessy.  It sounds like he is a man who has been doubted before.   But on this release, he shows that South Central emcees can come with the lyrics too.  He got the nice wordplay but it is derived from his real life experiences and what’s what makes this joint special.

Expectations on the whole is dope but some of my favorite cuts are One, the posse cut Expectations, and All My Life.  These three cuts illustrate the incredible production from The Militia and Curtessy’s complete repertoire.  Give this project a chance and become a fan.

Locksmith – Transitions (Video)

New Locksmith!  Yes.  The way the game is played these days, or with the amount of music I listen to, I briefly forgot that he is one of the illest spitters of his generation and possibly all generations.  His concepts and lyricism are amazing.  I also am really happy he teamed up with Khrysis for the track.  I think it shows a lot if diversity and gives him a new audience.

The Green Box is coming soon…

Copywrite: God Save The King (2012)

Artist: Copywrite

Album: God Save The King

Source: iTunes


01 Post-Apocalyptic Request Box
02 Love (Feat. Tage Future)
03 Swaggot Killaz (Feat. Jakki Da Motamouth)
04 Sorrow (Feat. Illogic & Don Jaga)
05 Man Made (Feat. Rockness Monstah)
06 J.O.Y (Feat. Jason Rose & Torae)
07 Union Rights (Feat. Mhz)
08 Yo! MTV Raps (Feat. Jason Rose)
09 Blue Ribbon
10 Miracle
11 Gsk
12 Workahol
13 White Democrats (Feat. Mac Lethal)
14 Golden State of Mind (Feat. Casual, Evidence & Roc Marciano)
15 Synesthesia
16 Got to Make it (Feat. Tage Future)
17 A Talk with Jesus


This is my first time ever reviewing one of Copywrite’s releases.  He has made a lot of good music in the past ten years and he has been in a few different places in his life during that time. You can hear that in his music.  His most current station in life seems to have brought him a certain sense of peace of mind.  Copywrite has recently engaged more actively with his Creator and you can see a changed person even though I have never met the man personally.  Through his online interactions, he seems…content.

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King Mez x Khrysis – The King’s Khrysis

Artist: King Mez x Khrysis

Album: The King’s Khrysis

Source: DJ Booth


1. Reaching Out (Intro)
2. Nightmare
3. Shine
4. From The South (feat. Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog & DJ Flash)
5. Something’s Missing
6. The King’s Khrysis (feat. Phonte)


King Mez’s release last year, The Paraplegics, produced entirely by Commissioner Gordon, was one of the best releases in 2010.  I became an instant fan of King Mez and swore I would try and make sure I listened to all his releases from here on out.   And sure enough, King Mez does not disappoint me one bit on The King’s Khrysis.   He is backed by one of the most established producers in the game.  Khrysis is excellent on switching up production, giving the listener a different look/listen within the same song. Case in point is the first track, Reaching Out.

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