Single You Out: Kourvioisier – Write Brothers (ft. Thee Tom Hardy) (prod. K-Hill)


K-Hill show us a little bit of Dragnet with this beat as Kourvioisier and Thee Tom Hardy give the listeners the business on the microphone.  I might have heard of Kourvioisier before, but I am not sure if I truly heard him before.  He sounds dope and now is a good time to get up on what he has to offer us musically.  He has a new album dropping on April 30th entitled, Cable In The Classroom.

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King Mez – From The South ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog (Video)

I am going to be honest with you (as opposed to me lying all the time, I know).  This video had me smiling the whole time  through.  It looked like it was a lot of fun to make and you just don’t see that anymore.  People having a good time in videos?   Who came up with this concept?  Well, everything is exceptional about this song.  It comes off King Mez’s latest project, The King’s Khrysis.

King Mez x Khrysis – The King’s Khrysis

Artist: King Mez x Khrysis

Album: The King’s Khrysis

Source: DJ Booth


1. Reaching Out (Intro)
2. Nightmare
3. Shine
4. From The South (feat. Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog & DJ Flash)
5. Something’s Missing
6. The King’s Khrysis (feat. Phonte)


King Mez’s release last year, The Paraplegics, produced entirely by Commissioner Gordon, was one of the best releases in 2010.  I became an instant fan of King Mez and swore I would try and make sure I listened to all his releases from here on out.   And sure enough, King Mez does not disappoint me one bit on The King’s Khrysis.   He is backed by one of the most established producers in the game.  Khrysis is excellent on switching up production, giving the listener a different look/listen within the same song. Case in point is the first track, Reaching Out.

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