Artist: Little Vic

Album: Apocalypto Mixtape

Source: Little Vic’s Blog


  1. Apocalypto (prod. by John John)
  2. End Of Days (prod. by Little Vic)
  3. Man In The Mirror (prod. by Velotz)
  4. Walking Contradiction (prod. by Buckwild)
  5. At The Right Time (ft. CP)(prod. by Hakkan)
  6. Pale Horse (prod. by KV Beats)
  7. Solitary Walker (prod. by Little Vic)
  8. For The Birds (prod. by John John)
  9. Evolution (Killing Your Own) (prod. by Little Vic)
  10. Feel So Lost (prod. by Little Vic)
  11. Who Am I? (prod. by Velotz)
  12. Madman (prod. by Little Vic)
  13. Back Down (prod. by Velotz)
  14. Everybody (Original) (prod. by John John)
  15. Give Me Something To KILL (ft. Ronny B)(prod. by Velotz)
  16. Orange Alert (prod. by KV Beats)
  17. Three Headed Beast (prod. by Little Vic)
  18. Cut You Down (ft. Johnny Cash)


Ouch. This was a mixtape. A MIXTAPE! And it probably destroys 90% of the albums that are out there right now. Little Vic is a glimpse of Golden Era hip hop in the here and the now. Very few people can turn a phrase like Little Vic. If you are not already up on this artist, let me bring you up to speed. In 2006, Little Vic hit us with the debut album, Each Dawn I Die. Whenever I spoke about this album to somebody, it got positive feedback and acclaim. Everyone who heard it was feeling that album. Things were dormant for a little while with Little Vic leaking a track here and there.  If you were paying attention to his blog you would definitely catch some gems. Last year, Little Vic hit us with the mixtape, Man On Fire. I must’ve played the joint, Sinner, over 100 times. Little Vic just has a way of making you his captive audience.

With all of that being said, I feel that Apocalypto has some of his best work to date. Little Vic was a a one man army apparently when it came to putting this together. He was of course the emcee, he produced several tracks, and I believe he engineered this as well.

If you listen carefully to Little Vic’s lines on most of his projects, he is very introspective. He looks at himself and the world in the context of good and evil. This is where I think he is at his best because he can put to music what many of us feel. It is material we can relate to. Such is the case with the title track, Apocalyto. Little Vic puts it the best: “this is on some fallen angels type of shit“. His long time producer and friend John John, laces one of those beats that are set to bring upon the rapture. The strings and the samples are the perfect back drop to a Little Vic verse. That’s all you get is one verse but check it:

Flash from clouds / Fist from the sky / With a wrath to be proud of / Listen to why / When God is on my side then who can be against me? / Lucifer, Oooh how he resent me!

Another stand out track from this mixtape is the ode to women, For The Birds. This track is also produced by John John and it too is one of the hottest tracks off the album. I love this beat. The sample is placed perfectly and all good things come together. This song is for any of us men who have been burned in our relationships before. Little Vic has a way to make a touch of misogyny fun with  his witty word play.  It’s slightly metaphoric and abstract but the point never eludes the listener.

Orange Alert boasts production from KV Beats who just released his album, The Resume not too long ago which featured a slew of dope hip hop acts.  (That was your hint to check it out!)  Little Vic flows effortlessly over a collage of strings, a plucky guitar sample, and some hand claps.   His two verses are littered with his trademark alliteration and a flow that I have not heard even come close to being duplicate.

Little Vic is unique.  He demonstrates time and time again that he is an elite emcee.  There is no release that I look forward to more than his forthcoming album.  I feel that way especially after hearing this mixtape.  I can’t recommend this to you with any more vigor.  Download it now and stay in touch with Little Vic on his blog for forthcoming efforts and more music.


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