Little Vic – Apocalypto Mixtape (2011)

Artist: Little Vic

Album: Apocalypto Mixtape

Source: Little Vic’s Blog


  1. Apocalypto (prod. by John John)
  2. End Of Days (prod. by Little Vic)
  3. Man In The Mirror (prod. by Velotz)
  4. Walking Contradiction (prod. by Buckwild)
  5. At The Right Time (ft. CP)(prod. by Hakkan)
  6. Pale Horse (prod. by KV Beats)
  7. Solitary Walker (prod. by Little Vic)
  8. For The Birds (prod. by John John)
  9. Evolution (Killing Your Own) (prod. by Little Vic)
  10. Feel So Lost (prod. by Little Vic)
  11. Who Am I? (prod. by Velotz)
  12. Madman (prod. by Little Vic)
  13. Back Down (prod. by Velotz)
  14. Everybody (Original) (prod. by John John)
  15. Give Me Something To KILL (ft. Ronny B)(prod. by Velotz)
  16. Orange Alert (prod. by KV Beats)
  17. Three Headed Beast (prod. by Little Vic)
  18. Cut You Down (ft. Johnny Cash)


Ouch. This was a mixtape. A MIXTAPE! And it probably destroys 90% of the albums that are out there right now. Little Vic is a glimpse of Golden Era hip hop in the here and the now. Very few people can turn a phrase like Little Vic. If you are not already up on this artist, let me bring you up to speed. In 2006, Little Vic hit us with the debut album, Each Dawn I Die. Whenever I spoke about this album to somebody, it got positive feedback and acclaim. Everyone who heard it was feeling that album. Things were dormant for a little while with Little Vic leaking a track here and there.  If you were paying attention to his blog you would definitely catch some gems. Last year, Little Vic hit us with the mixtape, Man On Fire. I must’ve played the joint, Sinner, over 100 times. Little Vic just has a way of making you his captive audience.

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