Single You Out: Little Vic – HAARP


Little Vic is back with some new and rare music from his vaults.  The man really has been prolific over the years, but much of it has not yet been heard.   Now enter his upcoming project, Loosies 2, which is set to drop later this month.   Here you will get to hear some of the depth of his work.  But for now check the single, HAARP.  There’s a little double etendre happening here, if you are able to pick it up.

Single You Out: Little Vic – Stray Missles

Stray Missles is a track from Little Vic’s latest compilation project, Wikileaks. This track features a random assortment of fire from Little Vic’s arsenal as doe the project in it’s entirety. We’ve been featuring music from Vic from the beginning and that’s not stopping anytime soon. The project is $5 and is a veritable steal for hip-hop connoisseurs such as myself.

Single You Out: Little Vic – Glass Home

Little Vic is back with a new single that may actually symbolize the birth of a new project, White Devil. But regardless, this joint is simply vicious. The flow is nasty and really dominates every aspect of this song.

I was all about the punchlines then the wordplay grew up / If the cake is worth the candles then bring your birthday suit…

I will let you know if hear ANYTHING else about an album. You know I am waiting.

Little Vic – Loosies Collection Pt.1 (Mixed By DJ Mickey Knox) (2015)



Artist: Little Vic

Album: Loosies Collection Pt. 1


1. Phillip Morris Intro
2. The Squeeze
3. Bad Blood
4. Endings
5. Reach For The Stars
6. One More Song (ft. CP)
7. Boulevard Blues (ft. Mann95)
8. Free Fall
9. One Take Jake
10. Ash Tray
11. Pardon Me (ft. Eddie Nash)
12. Winston Interlude
13. Peace Keepers
14. Gemini (prod. by Sly Vest)
15. Mount Olympus
16. Go So Far
17. Blind Melon
18. All Work & No Play
19. Crockpot (ft. Mann95)
20. Let Alone
21. Camel Outro


While it’s been almost eight years since Vic has dropped an official album, he has turned out a mixtape or two during that time span and still remains sharp with precise lyrical wit that keeps the listener’s brain cells moving.   Loosies Collection Part 1 is just that…an assortment of songs that Vic has done in the past couple of years assembled in one mixtape and blended together by none other than DJ Mickey Knox.

And while I hope that eventually we will get something official in the way of an album from Vic, I am content to hear some new joints not heard before and excited to share them with you.

Single You Out: Mr. Morbid & Melph – Vile N Venomous (ft. Little Vic, Eternel, Majesty & Venom)


I’ve been supporting these Mr. Morbid & Melph (out of  the Netherlands) the moment I heard their first single.  Their album, Close To The End, will be dropping on March 25th.   For their latest track they solicit the rhyme stylings of house favorite, Little Vic, along with others.  The track is in the same vein as their other efforts that focus on banging drums and dark orchestral samples.   I am a fan.