Rasheed Chappell – Narcan (prod. by Little Vic) (Video)

Rasheed Chappell and Little Vic linking up once again for their video single, Narcan. “This is more than just art, it’s arson”. Chappell summarized this cut in one line. He stands a man apart with his music, not settling in with any particular trends, and gimmicks and just giving you that raw, yet polished work. And the chemistry with Vic is unquestionable as these two have rolled out a pair of sonic triumphs.

Album, A Portrait Of, drops on December 9th.

Single You Out: Little Vic – Roy Demeo (prod. by Erick Sermon)


I missed this Little Vic track from over a week ago, but it deserves A LOT of love.  This joint produced by Erick Sermon is sounding all sorts of epic!  Sermon’s production here is nothing short of remarkable.  I love the horn sample and the drums hit hard.   Vic then demolishes the track with wordplay that only he’s capable of putting together.   I mean he is flipping on names on this track that will have you rewinding and playing back again.  You can’t say that about too much material these days!

Single You Out: Little Vic – HAARP


Little Vic is back with some new and rare music from his vaults.  The man really has been prolific over the years, but much of it has not yet been heard.   Now enter his upcoming project, Loosies 2, which is set to drop later this month.   Here you will get to hear some of the depth of his work.  But for now check the single, HAARP.  There’s a little double etendre happening here, if you are able to pick it up.

Single You Out: Little Vic – Glass Home

Little Vic is back with a new single that may actually symbolize the birth of a new project, White Devil. But regardless, this joint is simply vicious. The flow is nasty and really dominates every aspect of this song.

I was all about the punchlines then the wordplay grew up / If the cake is worth the candles then bring your birthday suit…

I will let you know if hear ANYTHING else about an album. You know I am waiting.