Artist: Kyle Hubbard

Album: Tomorrow In Retrospect

Source: Bandcamp


  1. Waddup (prod. by DJ Corbertt)
  2. New School Slang (ft. Rapper Big Pooh) (prod. by Royal Audio Tunes)
  3. Chasing The Dream (ft. K-Rino and Renzo) (prod. by Basement Productions)
  4. The Paper (prod. by DJ Corbertt)
  5. I Don’t Care (ft. Preemo) (prod. by Vherbal)
  6. I Got Love (prod. by Basement Productions)


Houston hip hop does not receive the respect it deserves outside of Texas.  At least that’s my impression.  It is steroetyped and pigeon holed into southern drawls and classified in the gangster “genre” as a general rule of thumb.  What people don’t know is that there are a grip of ill lyricists and artists who have the ability to make  great songs.  For the purposes of destroying these misconceptions, I have decided to use Kyle Hubbard and his EP, Tomorrow In Retrospect as my main example.

I was put on to Kyle Hubbard a couple of weeks ago when somebody told me he was an “ill lyricist”.  I am always skeptical, but after listening to this EP,  I am going to agree with that statement.  He is an ill lyricist.  But what separates him from some of the other emcees on the block is that he has the ability to make a dope record.  The songs on this EP  can be bumped on any level.  I fired this up in the car, rocked it in the headphones,  and played it on the computer while I was working.  This EP has what I will call, “mass appeal”. Anybody should be able to appreciate what Kyle Hubbard is doing on a musical level.

I will focus on a couple of cuts from this EP.  The first being The Paper. Now, The Paper is one sick track!  It is produced by DJ Corbertt, who incidentally really shines on both of the tracks he produces on the project.  He chops up some Biggie samples and creates a driving piano loop over some hi-hats and symbols.  The result is some excellent production.  Kyle Hubbard is not the artist that’s prone to drop metaphor after metaphor but the man surely has a way with words.  The Paper is obviously about money.  It’s about those who want it, those that have it, and the way the ends justify the means.   I’ll let the excerpt from Kyle speak for his self.

And recently /  Everybody trying to get a piece of me / Like I ain’t notice when a snake put his teeth in me / l’m on the grind dog, same way you need to be / A grown man with hand out is thievery…

I Don’t Care is the next track that I wanted to touch on because it again is one of the best produced songs of the bunch.  Vherbal handles the boards on this one.  I am in love with the sample on this joint.  The voice echoes over and over again: “…well I don’t care…”.  The pace of the track is uptempo with on point drum rolls and scathing symbals crashing.  Lyrically, the whole premise of the track is that Hubbard and his cohort Preemo  don’t care what you do or think.  They are going to make their moves, their way.

Kyle Hubbard is lyrical and at times even waxes poetic.   His ability to twist and bend words in a way people will both contemplate and understand is a true gift.  He speaks on real topics and issues in artful ways.  He not only is making his name stick in the city of Houston, but he’s also helping to clarify the misconceptions of the Houston Hip Hop Scene to the world.  Definitely listen and download Tomorrow In Retrospect, then you can check out his releases on Itunes if you like.  (Tea Time With Alice + The Neon Summer EP )

5 thoughts on “Kyle Hubbard – Tomorrow In Retrospect (2010)

  1. I just got put on to this guy by a friend and he is fucking sick. “Lyrical and at times even waxes poetic” is pretty accurate. Great writeup

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