Kyle Hubbard – Last Bow (ft. Without A Face) (Video)

Kyle Hubbard is the connector of audiences and people.   He speaks the music of the community.  Just one of my favorite artists since I have been running this site.  His music just speaks to me on that human level.    This song has that unplugged, acoustic vibe, brought to you by Without A Face (ironic, ain’t it).

At any rate, watch the video, share…and cop the album, All Good Things Come.

Single You Out: Kyle Hubbard – Point Of Life

I have been an avid Kyle Hubbard supporter since the beginning, and you best believe I take great pride in that fact. In my mind, he’s one of a dozen or so artists that really connects me to his music. I listen to his previous work all the time.

When you listen to a Kyle Hubbard record it’s almost like you are having a conversation with a friend, and he’s just dropping experience and life on you. You are going to hear that in this song, Point Of Life, and on his new album, All Good Things Come. I highly recommend you do yourself the service of checking it out.

Kyle Hubbard – Fly Or Die (Video)

You can’t walk away from listening to a Kyle Hubbard cut without thinking:  “Wow.  That guy has some skills!”  These videos just validate what HHD fam already knows.  Hubbard is one of the illest doing it, not only out of H-Town, but period.  Shout out to all the artists who can connect with their audience on this level!

You can cop his latest album, You’re Not That Special for free on Mediafire or Audiomack.  You can also check our review HERE!

The Plexiglass Fountain – Concrete Mythology (Year Of The Dragon) (2012)

Artist: The Plexiglass Fountain

Album: Concrete Mythology (Year Of The Dragon)

Source: Artist


1. The Year Of The Dragon
2. Buggin Out Part 0
3. Self Conversation
4. Kill Zone (ft. The Cause)
5. Bloody Idiotz
6. Fallen (ft. Keb0)
7. Neon Moonlight
8. Vampires
9. Midnight Symphony (ft. Cee)
10. The Sun (ft. Kyle Hubbard)
11. We Got Today
12. Me For Me (ft. Czarina)
13. The It
14. 20 Caskets
15. One Line
16. The It Remix (ft. Donny Goines)


It’s time that I bring you something different in a not so subtle way.  The combination of producer/emcee, Tokyo Cigar, and emcee, Cyclops, constitute the group The Plexiglass Fountain. On the promo for the album, Cigar is described as eccentric.  I am not sure about that but how about the the term nouveau?  Or maybe cutting edge, or nontraditional?  I think all of those adjectives fit our combination emcee/beatsmith.  Cyclops is described as poetic, and I think that shoe fits without exception.

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Kyle Hubbard – You’re Not That Special (2012)

Artist: Kyle Hubbard

Album: You’re Not That Special

Source: Artist


1. Just Breathe
2. Even Though It Shines
3. Around The Way
4. A Little Infidelity
5. One Time, Two Times (ft. Roosh Williams)
6. Official High
7. A Brief Intermission…
8. It’s Burning
9. Don’t Ask
10. It’s Making Sense
11. Fly Or Die
12. I’ll Be Vindicated


Kyle Hubbard’s 2010 project, Tomorrow In Retrospect, garnered my attention in early 2011.  I didn’t know who he was but somehow I caught wind of the release and I found a whole lot of respect for this Houston emcee and his music.  Hubbard just goes about things differently.  He may live in Houston but his sound embodies  a more global view of hip hop.

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Single You Out: Kyle Hubbard – One Time, Two Times (ft. Roosh Williams)

This is the first single off of Kyle Hubbard’s forthcoming album, You’re Not That Special.   This really is just the tip of the iceberg.   You are definitely going to want to hear the rest of that joint when it drops on March 20th.    This beat by DJay Cas is synthed out but has a high energy ‘epic’ feel to it.   Hubbard is the one who makes this track original though.  So often it seems he just takes a beat (any beat) and contorts it into something special.