Single You Out: Stryfe – Home Town Hero (Ft. Rapper Big Pooh)



Stryfe and Marc Byrd’s album, The Last Resort drops in two weeks, meanwhile they unveil another single.  Hometown Hero features veteran emcee Rapper Big Pooh.  I have now personally heard two songs from this album, and both have been exceptional.  I love the rock and funk beat Marc Byrd creates for the track.   It creates just enough edge for the crafty lyricism.

Single You Out: YC The Cynic – More And More Remix (Ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon)

The remix for YC The Cynic’s, More And More, includes more than just a couple of dope alternate invites.  It looks like he solicited some of the Carolina’s best.  The original song from Fall FWD is dope but I may yet prefer this “Carolina” version.  On a side note, every time I hear a King Mez guest shot, I crave to hear a solo album.  Maybe soon?

Kyle Hubbard – Tomorrow In Retrospect (2010)

Artist: Kyle Hubbard

Album: Tomorrow In Retrospect

Source: Bandcamp


  1. Waddup (prod. by DJ Corbertt)
  2. New School Slang (ft. Rapper Big Pooh) (prod. by Royal Audio Tunes)
  3. Chasing The Dream (ft. K-Rino and Renzo) (prod. by Basement Productions)
  4. The Paper (prod. by DJ Corbertt)
  5. I Don’t Care (ft. Preemo) (prod. by Vherbal)
  6. I Got Love (prod. by Basement Productions)


Houston hip hop does not receive the respect it deserves outside of Texas.  At least that’s my impression.  It is steroetyped and pigeon holed into southern drawls and classified in the gangster “genre” as a general rule of thumb.  What people don’t know is that there are a grip of ill lyricists and artists who have the ability to make  great songs.  For the purposes of destroying these misconceptions, I have decided to use Kyle Hubbard and his EP, Tomorrow In Retrospect as my main example.

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