Artist: Cambatta

Album: Visionary 2

Source: DotGotIt


  1. The Reintroduction
  2. Heatrock
  3. Stoopid
  4. On My Way
  5. Say In Ya Lane
  6. Good Ol Dayz (ft. Nino Bless)
  7. Show Me Some Love
  8. Keepin It Real (ft. Mike Mass)
  9. Unstoppable Bullet
  10. Light It Up (ft. Laws)
  11. Everlasting (TheGobstopper)
  12. So Good! (ft. Nino Bless, Crooked I, Sha Stimuli, Big Moss)
  13. Don’t Blame Me
  14. Hope Floats
  15. Glass Half Empty (ft. Jae Luis)
  16. Dream On
  17. Green Light
  18. Right Back To You (ft. Jae Luis)
  19. Without You
  20. So Cocky


Cambatta is going under the radar folks! And you are the ones who are missing out! The Visionary 2 is uninhibited raw hip hop. The sound is destined to be a hit among hip hop purists who wish to hear some banging beats and venom-laced verses. This is the kind of album that you rock while you do your work outs or go out for a run. It is a musical adrenaline rush.

Heatrock, is a cut that first brings this artist’s hunger to light. He flexes lyrical might on this track.  It is high energy and shows a level of intensity that we seldom see. Though the content may not be anything new, the delivery and flow push this track to the next level. Cambatta has skills that many covet and it’s only right that he show off from time to time.

On the joint, Keepin It Real, Cambatta breaks down how he feels in terms of where he stands in the independent hip hop scene. His lyrics expose the duality in life that many of us feel but seldom times does it become expressed. He lets us take a look at the side of him that lacks confidence. He expresses frustration in how independent artists are portrayed.  This song is just sheer and unadulterated expression.  Check the quotes:

…If I don’t fit the criteria they throw me in the miscellaneous

…Because I ain’t got no college credentials, I settle for number two like the popular pencil.

The posse joint on this mix tape is on par with some of the best this year. So Good, features some of the illest lyricists in the game. Nino Bless, Crooked I, Sha Stimuli, and Big Moss. Each of these emcees kill their bars. Some devastating lines on this cut. The production  is also superlative. The drums, the horn, and the vocal samples had me amped throughout. If you don’t love this track I question your taste in music.

The Visionary 2 puts Cambatta right in the mix of names you should be familiar with in independent hip hop.   He is vastly underrated when it comes to bars that get dropped.  He had more than just a few punchlines that had me flip back and recheck.   He also has a flow that does not get overshadowed by Sha Stimuli and Crooked I being on the same cut and that really is saying something!  Cambatta drops bars in earnest, like he is trying to get some place.  It’s as if the harder he goes on the mic, the more listeners he will reach.  He is real and not superficial.  He is braggadocio, but also has doubts.  He is an emcee for the people.  I just hope the people stand up and pay attention.

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