K-Beta – Inglorious Beta (2011)

Artist: K-Beta

Album: Inglorious Beta

Source: I’ve Been Knowing!


1. Intro
2. Black Business (produced by Overok)
3. Surrender featuring Sketch (produced by Grussle)
4. That Black Man (produced by Soulful!)
5. Suicide featuring Sketch (produced by J-Scrilla)
6. Come Closer featuring Mina (produced by Grussle)
7. Another Day 2 featuring Illa Ghee (produced by J-Scrilla)
8. Soul Cry featuring B. Sheba (produced by Grussle)
9. DTLR (Down the Line Rhymes) featuring Diamond District (produced by Kev Brown)
10.0Burn Through the Journal (produced by J-Scrilla)
11. I’m Bleeding (produced by Team Demolition)
12. With the Family (produced by Kevlar)
13. Infinite Possibilities featuring Mina (produced by Judah)
14. Smoke With Me featuring Laelo Hood (produced by J-Scrilla)
15. Life of Crhyme (produced by J-Scrilla)
16. Outchea (produced by Kokayi)
17. I Do It (Bonus)
18. We On (ft. Tabi Bonney) (Bonus)
19. Live From The…(Bonus)
20. Niggas Be Cryin’ (Bonus)

Note:The clean/edited version of Inglorious Beta dropped last year, minus the bonus cuts that you see on this current version. It was worth reviewing back then but it didn’t feel complete with the censorship. Now on, April 26th 2011, K-Beta unleashes the project as it was originally intended to be listened to, four letter words and all. I put the date in the post so you can write it down. It is the day somebody released a rare, classic album. I feel like once a year you will see an album that embodies the word “classic”. Last year it was The Left for their product, Gas Mask. Now, K-Beta’s Inglorious Beta needs to be mentioned in the same category.

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Laelo Hood – Fuck The World (2011)

Artist: Laelo Hood

Album: Fuck The World

Source: Inner Loop Uncut


  1. Fuck The World (prod. by DJ Soundtrax)
  2. Nah Joe (prod. by Hec Dolo)
  3. Where I Belong (ft. XO and Alison Carney) (prod. by Coldboy and Grussle)
  4. Hooked On You (ft. Mamouna Youssef) (prod. by Decompose)
  5. Fooling Myself (prod.  Bad Abbot)
  6. Trust Nobody (ft. Muggsy Malone) (prod. by Bad Abbot)
  7. Where’d I Go Wrong (ft. K-Beta)  (prod. by Coldboy)
  8. Family Ties (ft. Midian) (prod. by J-$crilla)
  9. I.L.S.O. (ft. T.E.F.L.O.N. and Sketch) (prod. by Grussle)
  10. The Crucible (ft. The Package and Kokayi) (prod. by Theory)
  11. Concrete Jungle (ft. Draus and K-Beta) (prod. by Theory)
  12. Assasin (ft. Akir and Mr. Hakwins) (prod. by Decompose)
  13. Blood On The Walls (prod. by Soulful)
  14. Take A Hit (ft. Bear Witnez) (prod. by Kobayashi)
  15. High (ft. Jai Blazin and Claudette Monet) (prod. by Terry B)


I first came across Laelo Hood when he leaked the cut, Trust Nobody, for this very project.  When I heard that joint, I hit repeat at least three times and then determined that I had to get in touch with Laelo Hood and get some more information on this man’s music.  He told me that in a few weeks that he would be releasing, Fuck The World.  I am about a week late in copping, but better late than never.

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A. Sesay – A Special EP

Artist: A. Sesay

Album: A Special EP

Source: Bandcamp


  1. Intro (ft. Muggsy Malone)
  2. We Want In (ft. Chris DeShield, D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M., Mannrock, K-Beta, Wordsmith, Adversary & Born Undadogz)
  3. Don’t Leave Me Lonely (ft. Dagga and Mannrock)
  4. Sinking With The Ship (ft. D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M., Adversary, and Napoleon Da Legend)
  5. If Love Was There (Interlude) (ft. Infearion)
  6. If Love Was There (ft. Dave East, Mic Legacy, Benji, and DJ Dublee)
  7. You Don’t Know Me Dog (ft. Dagga, Muggsy Malone, D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M., Bear Witnez)
  8. Can’t Hold Me Down (ft. Erika Anderson, Dave East, Karnagie, and Dagga)
  9. All In Stride (ft. JNesmuziq and Wordsmith)


A Special EP is one of the hidden gems of 2010.  There has not been much talk of this EP in blogging circles as far as I can tell so it certainly has gone under the radar as it were.    Regardless, of it not being picked up on by the masses, A. Sesay has done an incredible job producing the entire EP.  The DMV area has been a hot bed of hip hop activity lately and A. Sesay keeps the area on the front burner with this release.

Not only does the EP showcase A. Sesay’s production talents but it also gives other artists to share their verbal talents with the listener.  One emcee in particular that I thought was incredibly dope was D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M.  His verse on Sinking With The Ship was stellar.  It made check out his own Bandcamp page to listen to his album, Culture Shock 2012 AD.  That’s dope in it’s own right.

So what’s A. Sesay’s style?  I will call it understated.   He doesn’t “over-produce” a track.  On the posse cut, We Want In,  he keeps the beat crisp over organ instrumentation.  He sneaks the bass drum in and then all the sudden you are just nodding your head to a complete banger.  These emcees assassinate the track.  It really is dope to hear the instrumentation and the emcees come together so flawlessly.

On Don’t You Leave Me Lonely, the concept is very similar except that A. Sesay keeps it more mellow and uses a beautiful vocal sample that haunts the track.  Dagga and Mannrock both show keen ability to rock the track.  Again the fusion between emcee and producer is seamless.  This track is one of my favorites though I would have a hard time picking from the litter.

Sinking With The Ship, is the cut that I posted the video for earlier.   This cut is the one everyone should be talking about.  It’s bound to blow. The  beat and another incredible vocal sample lead the way as the emcees talk about developing unity in the hip hop game.   It addresses the way that emcees are prone to tearing each other down.  It’s a positive anthem for how hip hop should be done.  I do not take the word anthem lightly by the way.

By the time this EP is over with you should have developed a certain appreciation for what A. Sesay does behind the boards and what the DMV area talent is capable of.  So enjoy this hidden gem, and then spread the word.

Various Artists: Refined Hype 1st Anniversary Edition

RefinedHype: 1 Year Anniversary Edition Mixtape CoverArtist: Various Artists

Album: Refined Hype 1 Year Anniverrsay Edition

Guests: Marion Write, Radio Ramone, Wordsmith, Harmony Muzik, Jason James, Concise Kilgore, Mike Schpitz, King Mez, Rapsody & Sundown, 810, The Black Sunn, K. Sparks, Fresh Cut Collective, Dominique Larue, K-Beta, Sketch, Quantum Suicide, M-Dot, EMS

Producers: Certified, Mydus, MizfitSoundz, IlL Meel, Gajos

Best Tracks: Monster Music, Out Of My Mind, One Thing, Never Over

Recommendation:  Highly Recommend

Note:  This is arguably one of the best compilations this year.  So many compilations and mixtapes get released from the blogs/websites that it gets hard to distinguish one from the other.  I think that Refined Hype did a great job with it’s selection of emcees.  There was a number of strong joints on the album and nothing that I could even call average. It seemed that everyone who appeared, made a mark.

Monster Music was the show stopper in my mind.  The beat was remarkable with it’s intensity and the emcees were brutal (in a good way) with their wordplay.   Wordsmith definitely impressed me with his bars on Out Of My Mind.  His delivery seems way ahead of the pack.  His ability to flip verses just seems so fluid.  There really is so much to like with this mixtape.  You will have your choice of dope cuts to listen to and you can run through the whole thing without a skip.