JustMe & Cas Metah – Part Time (Video)

This is an incredibly dope song that is extremely relatable to me as a blogger and supporter of the music. It’s actually incredibly inspirational. JustMe and Cas Metah take a break from their day jobs to show you just how ill they can be on the side. Life has an evolution for the independent hip hop artists. People get married, have families, and have to support that life in a way music may not be able to provide. But, that passion and skill level still remains sharp over the years as when time and space presents itself, these artists continue to show and prove!

I am not sure who produced this smooth beat but that’s a really dope production. And you can find this joint off their recently released album, The New 93′.

Top 50 Songs (2012)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Megatron MindstateSpit Gemz, Shaz Illyork, and DJ Brans brought the banger of the year early on in 2012. For me this track just set a standard that could not be surpassed. The beat was epic and the rhymes intermingled the streets with theology to provide a brief but concentrated delivery of dope.

2. Tragedy TextRP from the Loyalty Digital game me the chills literally with this track about texting and driving and anyone who can provoke that type of response deserves to be acknowledged.  One of the great conceptual songs in the last five years.

3. The Greatest Mother EverRashid Hadee provides one of the great sarcastic songs of our lifetime with this joint.

4. Little Bunny RabbitLocksmith does angst so well.  He raps with a chip on his shoulder and delivers devastation to and and all in his path, in part to his little buddy.

5. Lo Siento AmigoDub Sonata x Double AB brought a lot of flavor and context to this joint.   Dub Sonata conjures a little latin boom bap and Double AB continues to be one of the best story telling emcees in the game, narrating a tale of romance, deception, and karma.

6. Local Artist – I could have honestly used any on the cuts off of The 17ths FREE EP.  It’s a damn great EP and you can listen to it through and through.   But this cut puts the listener in the shoes of your “local artist” and his life.

7. Under Their Radar, Over Their HeadsIllmaculate has always delivered dope bars but the production on this joint combined with the lyricism made this a sure shot for out Top 10.

8. Heaven – While this is not on any particular album, Mike Beatz provides an amazing banger for the fans and the visuals from the video give you that serial killer feel.  I can’t wait to hear more from this man in 2013.

9. How Do I SurviveEmilio Lopez and Falside link up for another banger that just makes the listener get out of the seat and get amped.

10. Dirt In The GroundPremrock’s reworking of Tom Waits music is impressive and this joint is the closing cut.  It’s very innovative and poignant.

11. Rare FlowSerge Severe and Jon Belz bring you that rare Portland air with this ‘rare flow’ over Terminill production.

12. J.O.Y.Copywrite features Torae and Jason Rose for this outstandingly soulful song.

13. My CondolencesSnake Hollywood released this beast of a track towards the end of the year and it instantly bypassed 95% of the other tracks out there.  Really dope rhymes.

14. Yesterday’s GoneSwerve and Co$$ define soul in hip hop with this track.  Just something to put you at ease.

15. 3AMJournalist 103 is prone to drop a gem on em’ and this is one of my favorite tracks from his most recent album.

16. Burn It DownGotham Green and Quickiemart bring you a track to tear the club up.  A 1940s club that is because this joint bumps with a nostalgic vibe.  Very unique.

17. Waiting In VeinMayhem drops one of the best storytelling joints this year.   You will just have to listen to this one and follow along.

18. Problem SolverVinnie Paz brings in the legend, Scarface for this song off of his most recent album.

19.  Futuristic – When is ‘The Wolves’ project going to drop because this collaborative deal between Shabaam Sahdeeq, Eddie B., and Harry Fraud is type ill.

20. Check My ResumeSubstantial rocking over some Oddisee beats is the sure shot.

21. Don’t HateOf Mice and Musicians are trying to convince the listener they are doing it for their benefit…so don’t hate.  Also, this is off of a great album so make sure you cop that!

22. Big BroFatal Lucciauno dropped a real raw ass album and this song is the crem de la crem.

23. Sorry Alias & Fakts One apologize for the vicious cycle on this joint but not their dope music.

24. Mr. Governor – The duo of Soul Khan and Akie Bermiss again deliver a dope song with this conscious cut.

25. Drowning ManCas Metah and Wonder Brown  offer a Christian message in the form of dope hip hop rhythm accompanied by Copywrite and Elias.

26. Digi Box – C-Rayz Walz pays homage to the hip hop internet scene.

27. Rock To The RhythmRuste Juxx and The Arcitype drop thisself explanatory joint but in the illest, and most high energy way possible.

28. Price & Shining Armor – When Sean Price and Ruste Juxx combine, it’s nothing but a win for everybody.

29. UnfukwitableRed Eye and company rock over a DJ Bless beat making this the best posse cut of the year.  Hands down.

30. SushiRas Kass is my all-time favorite emcee and he shows and proves his place in history once again with this track.

31. Monte CarloKing Mez and producer Commissioner Gordon once again combine for this audio masterpiece.

32. Jansport StringsSkyzoo and the horns are a formidable combination.

33.  Above The SkyApollo The Great is one of the best surprises this year to me.  His album is immaculate and this track is one of my favorites.

34. Terminate On Site – CF drops another tough joint.  Last year he brought ‘that fire’, and this year he ‘terminates on site’.

35.  Humid NightsJR&PH7 link up with The Kid Daytona for a soulful joint off their most recent project.

36.  SuccessThe Audible Doctor  and Chaundon showcase their verbals over the former’s tightest productions.

37. Walk With The Lions – When Swedish producer Pause Beats comes out with his album in 2013 you will recognize.  A lot of talent on this track.

38. Knob CreekJustMe, Marcus Wilkerson, and Sheisty Khrist give you a spiritual, soulful and bluesy vibe that this liste needed.

39.  Rabbit Season – Craig G is an OG.  He deosn’t care about end of the year accolades but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve them.  He once again shows these youngsters how it is done…proper.  Kids….go get your shine box!

40.  the Last Great – This is the title track off of MaLLy & The Sundance Kid’s album from this year.  It’s such a different sound and the two work great together.

41. Blame The LabelThe Narcicyst asks you to take a leap of faith with him which is easy when he drops an infectious track like this!

42.  UnlearnReks and Numonics kill the game with this track.  These are two of my favorites in their selected fields.  You can’t listen to this without stopping what you are doing and paying attention to the music,.

43.  Appreciation – Speaking of ill combinations, Donnie Darko  and DJ Bless continue their run with one of the best track this year.  Darko has a lot of power in his voice and Bless in his beats.

44. Sandstorms – This list needed another ill posse cut and who better to deliver than Blacastan, Emilio Lopez, Outerspace, and V-Zilla?  No One.

45. Holy Smokes – You don’t remember Mr. Complex do you?  Well, I personally think he is one of the most interesting emcees in the game.  A great talent with a great sense of humor.

46. People  – Falside ain’t right for this as he asserts his force on this Juan Deuce track featuring Romen Rok.  Real ill!

47. The First 48Apollo Brown and OC brought you one of the illest albums this year and this song typifies that release.  Dope beats and rhymes.

48.  You Know Who You AreOddisee is a unique talent with an old soul.  A producer extraordinaire with great lyrical ability.

49.  Balcony – Are you down with the Mission? The Black Opera.  You are either with us or against us.

50.  Time 2 Roll – The Red Giants are not only smooth but also extremely dope and don’t tell me Jermiside can’t flow.  This is ill lyricism and ability!

JustMe – Tragedy and Dope


AlbumTragedy & Dope



  1. Tragedy & Dope
  2. I Know
  3. Serenity
  4. The Truth & A Lie
  5. Out Of Context
  6. Ups & Downs
  7. Sexual Confessional
  8. The Prodigal
  9. Quitting Time
  10. Wade


There should be a new genre of music, categorized as “honest man’s music”.  There is something powerful when a man or woman lays their life out in front of you.   JustMe is breaking down the barriers between artist and listener on his latest release, Tragedy & Dope.  He invites the listener to share a piece of his life and imparts advice through personal experience.

I don’t categorize JustMe as a “Christian Artist”.   He is an artist who happens to be Christian.  His message is inherent in the rhymes and never comes across being overly preachy.  He is not going out of his way to proselytize. His relationship with God simply comes through the words he is spitting.  I feel that, and I think the every day person will too.

Tragedy & Dope is produced entirely by Deacon The Villain from independent mainstays, the Cunninlynguists.  And while his compadre, Kno gets much of the shine on the production for their group, Deacon displays great ability  in producing JustMe’s release.  The sample use throughout the album  really sets tone throughout the joint.   He also does a few of the hooks himself which accentuates the album.  His crooning on the hook for The Prodigal, had me playing that track over and over.   Superior production from Deacon highlights this album.

From the initial tack you know that Tragedy & Dope is going to hold your attention.    The title track is intense as Deacon blends vocal samples and a dope drum pattern together.  It’s a short track but it really does the trick.   I am a sucker for a dope vocal sample, guitar loop, some strings, and a dope beat.  JustMe rips this uptempo track diligently letting us know that “God made both, Tragedy and Dope“.

I Know also utilizes a well placed guitar sample.    The track is a little slower than the aforementioned but suits JustMe perfectly.   He spits verses relating to how we make decisions under the influence of the devil.   His lyrics are insightful and dope.  You can feel his passion for his message.  He brings a different view point to our every day life, on that involves that daily struggle between good and evil.   The hook is done by none other than Deacon The Villain and hits it’s mark in being soulful and provoking.

The aforementioned track, The Prodigal, is really the highlight of this album.   JustMe gives us a window into his life being the prodigal son.   If you are not familiar with the biblical story, I invite you to sit down for fifteen minutes and get acquainted with it.  He turned away from God, and lived a life of  sin.  He reveals the ills of his early life and how he made a turnaround to get back to God.  I can’t do this song the justice that it deserves.  Production is remarkable and the song really reached me on a personal level.  I can’t think of too many in recent memory that moved me to hit the repeat button so often.  Deacon’s chorus rolls around in m head:

I live my life on the run, outside of my zone, wasn’t the only one, to call the streets my home.  I live my life on the run, outside of my zone, I haven’t been the only one,…the Prodigal.

This album is dope.  It can not be overstated.  It was a true pleasure to sit down and listen to this from front to back.  You will not find a better album for five dollars in 2010.  Rest assured!