It’s ok for me to be bias, right?   Of course it is!  HHD is littered with my bias.  But one thing I can tell you as an unequivocal truth is that C-Rayz Walz is ill.   He is one of my favorite wordsmiths period.  He’s in the same league to me as Ras Kass and Chino XL as a lyricist and that’s the highest praise that I can pay the man.

The highest praise he could give me?  He just did in this video.  Throughout the song he pays his respects to various blogs and web venues that have shown him love and low and behold, HHD is on there!   It’s a great surprise and honor.

But on the merits of the video alone this deserves posting.  The artistic touches and the way he “embeds” his video on the various web locations is awesome. You can find this track off of his latest album, The Code.

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