Curly Castro – Fidel (2013)


Artist: Curly Castro

Album: Fidel

Source: Artist Rep


1. Call Me Castro
2. Starch (ft. Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela)
3. Minefield
4. Coaine Blues
5. Winter Too
6. Coal
7. Mesrine (ft. Yung Yorrisey)
8. Fenster & McManus (ft. Zilla Rocca)
9. The Spook Who Sat
10. Colored Water Fountain
11. The Letter M
12. Kintro
13. Libertad (ft. Ari Lourdes)


I was working on this review before I had to take a brief hiatus and I am obligated and intent on finishing it.  This album is too good not to mention and it’s imperative you give it the time to listen to it.  I first heard of Castro from his affiliation with Zilla Rocca.  We had actually previewed several of his previous singles.  This is his first musical offering as a recent signee of Man Bites Dog Records.   And what an offering it is…

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Single You Out: Curly Castro – Coal (ft. Has-Lo)



I was privileged enough to get an advance copy of the album, FIDEL.  And let me tell you…whooo-whew!  This is going to be a true gem of 2013.  There’s some classic material involved.   Coal is also one of my favorite tracks from the album.  Georgia Anne Muldrow’s beat is subtle yet somehow hooks you.  Curly Castro and Has-Lo alternate verses with an interesting concept at hand.  I think it’s something you need to listen to…

Single You Out: P.L.O. – The Heat (American Language Remix) ft. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca, and Curly Castro

The Heat (American Language Remix) Cover Art

I am still getting caught up and a lot of dope music that was in my inbox when I was without a computer and fixing my music library.  This maybe the illest track that I missed out on.  This is several weeks old and probably made it’s rounds on the blogs already, but that’s not the point.  It really deserves some shine.  This is a remix to an overseas project and is being used to showcase some of the talent that the US has.  It serves as an ode to the Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga Da Gambler 1990s classic, Broken Language.

I for one think they did a great job.  The beat is ill and the wordplay and chemistry between the three emcees is second to none.  Zilla Rocca is one of my personal favorites, but Has-Lo and Curly Castro are really equal to the task.  They each drop dope lines over and over again.  Too many in fact to mention, but a big shout out for the “Billy Baldwin” line.  That was funny.  Check it out below and look for these artists’ material.  They have plenty of material out there.

Zilla Rocca – Bad Weather Classic EP (2011)

Artist: Zilla Rocca

Album: Bad Weather Classic

Source: Email


  1. Tiger Heli (prod, by Face-One)
  2. Bad Weather Classic (ft. Mally and Curly Castro) (prod. by Face-One)
  3. Never Should I lose You (Prod. by Zilla Rocca)
  4. High School Ring (prod by Small Professor)
  5. Midnight Mask (prod. by Zilla Rocca)


This release underscores the deep rooted musical talent that is Zilla Rocca.  Everything I hear from the man really stands out.  I get put onto a lot of hip hop that varies in dopeness but I can always be rest assured that a release of Zilla Rocca’s will be of the highest caliber.

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Single You Out: Curly Castro – Eulogy To L b/w You And Who’s Army

The man, Zilla Rocca, hit me off with these singles from Curly Castro’s forthcoming album, Winston’s Appeal.  That should be dropping later this week, on January 28th I believe.  You can keep your eyes peeled on his Bandcamp site.  It should be uploaded there.

Eulogy To L is a “tribute” to the way LL Cool J used to represent on the microphone and  Castro’s lament to what he has become.  Zilla Rocca is responsible for the production, crafting his own rendition of the Booming System.  It’s dope in concept and in realization.

The B-Side is a classic posse cut.  Any time you get 15 emcees together on a track, you are taking a chance, but these men (and lady) kill their bars.  Some rhymes and  flows are better than others, but there are indefinitely some ill quo tables and nobody detracts from the track.  The beat by LastWord is a classic banger.  It’s definitely ill, and something I can see bumping for a long time to come.

Just click the pic and you can listen and download if you so choose!