Zilla Rocca – Bad Weather Classic EP (2011)

Artist: Zilla Rocca

Album: Bad Weather Classic

Source: Email


  1. Tiger Heli (prod, by Face-One)
  2. Bad Weather Classic (ft. Mally and Curly Castro) (prod. by Face-One)
  3. Never Should I lose You (Prod. by Zilla Rocca)
  4. High School Ring (prod by Small Professor)
  5. Midnight Mask (prod. by Zilla Rocca)


This release underscores the deep rooted musical talent that is Zilla Rocca.  Everything I hear from the man really stands out.  I get put onto a lot of hip hop that varies in dopeness but I can always be rest assured that a release of Zilla Rocca’s will be of the highest caliber.

Bad Weather Classic should be noted for it’s superior production.  Face-One produces the first two tracks off the EP, Tiger Heli and the title track.   These two joints prove to be of the grittiest variety.  The former uses a helicopter propeller as it’s backdrop.  Zilla Rocca shoots out short staccato bars that seem to be released in a stream of conscious.  It’s as if he is dreaming and just relaying it as it happens.  The attention to detail on the track was not lost on me.  I love the Beastie Boys “….drop!…” sample at the end of the chorus.

The title track proves to be a dope posse cut featuring Mally and Curly Castro.  It almost sounds like a drum line in the back ground.  It’s hard to grasp every sound that’s happening within the production.  It just comes out dope.  There are plenty of quo tables to be found within these bars, but Mally’s verse was one that I kept on using the rewind bar for.  One of my favorites:

I’m living for the moment, but I die on a different day / I ain’t going to lie / I’m artistic in a different way

High School Ring is a song  that makes me chuckle.  While listening to it, it makes me remember how I feel about my own hometown and the majority of my classmates from high school.  Zilla Rocca goes in on different vantage points of people he knew in high school, first person experiences, and in the last few bars he gives you the “where are they now” and “what are they up to”. Still wearing their high school rings he supposes.  I don’t know if everyone will be able to appreciate his references but they definitely amuse me.

Zilla Rocca is one of the most clever wordsmiths in hip hop.  He has a little bit of humor, a good deal of cynicism, and a great deal of talent.  He is one of the few emcees that have enough charisma to keep a captive audience while on their Ipod.   I strongly suggest you download this FREE EP and check out some of his previous work.  I will close with this:  Talent bears attention.

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