Friday Feature: Printz of Peepz – Lethally Artistic


This is the 2nd Installment of our Friday Feature series embracing the music of Printz Of Peepz. This time we bring you the cut Lethally Artistic from the album, P.o.P. Culture, which is produced by another artist we feature here whenever possible, Crafsmen.  The track has that dark Gotham back-alley vibe.   P.o.P. really exhibits a great flow and lyrical ability, particularly on that second verse.  Make sure you keep checking for him for the next two Fridays because we ain’t done yet!  Appreciate innovative minds and creative talent…

Friday Feature: Printz of Peepz (2013)


This is one of those spur of the moment things that just felt right.  Printz of Peepz has been an active entity on my twitter line for the last month or two.  I simply thought he was a fellow blogger or a fan, but a couple of nights ago he put me onto a track that he created with fellow VA brethren, Crafsmen, called Lullaby.  I was impressed.  It made me seek out some other tunes from the man, and I liked what I heard.  He’s a young, talented artist who is trying to get his name and music heard and what better place to do that then on our long neglected Friday Feature column?

So for the next few Fridays you can expect to hear some music from P.o.P.  starting with that track, Lullaby.   Be sure to check him out on Twitter and Facebook and politic with a talented artist.

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Crafsmen – Potion 21 (ft. Detective Dandridge) (Video)

Crafsmen.  Remember the name.   He is another lyricist that not too many people know about right now, but when you listen to his verses and how they flow you really gain an appreciation for him as an artist.  He is a very unique talent on Poe Mack’s label, Mackstrumental.    This is a great track from his project, Whichcraf?.  I bought it when it came out and I strongly encourage you to do likewise.  Dr. G on the beat and Detective Dandridge shares the mic duties so you know.

Crafsmen – Arts And Crafs (2012)

Artist: Crafsmen

Album: Arts and Crafs

Source: DotGotIt


1. Arts & Crafs Intro
2. The Ring (ft. Poe Mack x Rhaa)
3. The Basis
4. Split Second Thoughts
5. Some Cats Got Skillz (ft. Detective Dandridge x Poe Mack)
6. Hell Naw
7. Idle Hands (ft. Inqwesson)
8. Bludstainz


I am overwhelmed with the amount of music I have slated to review but haven’t been able to get to, but I would regret it immensley if I didn’t touch on the talent that can be found on this Arts and Crafs EP.  I have been sitting on this project for at least four weeks.  It was presented by the good folks at DotGoIt and picked it up just to see what it was about .  What it is, is creative hip hop.

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