Crafsmen – Arts And Crafs (2012)

Artist: Crafsmen

Album: Arts and Crafs

Source: DotGotIt


1. Arts & Crafs Intro
2. The Ring (ft. Poe Mack x Rhaa)
3. The Basis
4. Split Second Thoughts
5. Some Cats Got Skillz (ft. Detective Dandridge x Poe Mack)
6. Hell Naw
7. Idle Hands (ft. Inqwesson)
8. Bludstainz


I am overwhelmed with the amount of music I have slated to review but haven’t been able to get to, but I would regret it immensley if I didn’t touch on the talent that can be found on this Arts and Crafs EP.  I have been sitting on this project for at least four weeks.  It was presented by the good folks at DotGoIt and picked it up just to see what it was about .  What it is, is creative hip hop.

Crafsmen hails from Roanoke, Virginia.  Not exactly the hotbed for unsigned hype but hip hop really has moved forward from your typical hip hop arenas and finds itself integrating in all types of locales.  This is a case in point.

On The Ring, Crafsmen and Poe Mack each weave intricate wordplay around a classical production. Crafsmen has a very interesting and entertaining style that draws you in from the jump.  His verbage keeps you on pins and needles while Poe Mack drops the more edgy, boom bap bravado.  The two contrasting mic methods really play well.  But check these few bars from Crafsmen:

How about I comb tops / Your dunce dome knots / Elbow and throat blocks / And tip toe through your shit like ten Patron shots / Now who got the feelin’ / No way to stop the villain / Possibilities will sicken you like amoxicillin

On the joint, Split Second Thoughts, you have this really dope track that has Lucy Freedom playing the pied piper as she lends her talents on the flute.  The nuance that I picked up on was that more than flipping on the beat it seemed that Crafsmen was just flowing on top of the flute notes.  The two components really played off each other to create a unique vibe.  The bonus is that you really get to focus on the exceptional lyricism.

The other track I will touch upon on is Bludstainz.  I really like his play on the John Denver song, Leaving On A Jet Plane.  He creates his own chorus with a little Carribean flavor: “I’m leaving all types of blood stains, emcees don’t turn your backs on me.”  The whole cut is dope but once again, Crafsmen does you in with lines like:

Now if I grew an inch or two for all the kids I would doom / I would be brushing my shoulder on the moon / And bust my grill on Neptune

I talked about Crafsmen as an emcee but he also produced half of this EP which really just lends to his credibility that much more because the beats are all on point. Arts and Crafs merits your consideration for it’s lyrical prowess alone.  Please give this one a shot.  I think you will be impressed.

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