Friday Feature: Printz of Peepz (2013)


This is one of those spur of the moment things that just felt right.  Printz of Peepz has been an active entity on my twitter line for the last month or two.  I simply thought he was a fellow blogger or a fan, but a couple of nights ago he put me onto a track that he created with fellow VA brethren, Crafsmen, called Lullaby.  I was impressed.  It made me seek out some other tunes from the man, and I liked what I heard.  He’s a young, talented artist who is trying to get his name and music heard and what better place to do that then on our long neglected Friday Feature column?

So for the next few Fridays you can expect to hear some music from P.o.P.  starting with that track, Lullaby.   Be sure to check him out on Twitter and Facebook and politic with a talented artist.


Printz of Peepz has been doing it/loving it since day one. After pursuing the school band and music theory, he sought for more of an independent musical outlet. P.o.P. first started in a “Rage Against the Machine” type rock/rap group where he played bass guitar and sang/wrote lyrics. P.o.P. was inclined to try rapping upon becoming a huge fan of the local hip-hop scene in Roanoke, VA. After receiving priceless information/tips from Crafsmen of a local hip-hop group Goon Platoon, P.o.P. developed his own unique style and in turn became what everyone knows as “Printz of Peepz”. As described in one of his songs his name means: “Printz that’s what I write to the beats…of Peepz…that’s just my name in the streets”. P.o.P. chose to rhyme without cursing, not because he does not curse, but simply to show it is un-necessary and to allow more of an audience to hear his message and songs. So far P.o.P. has been featured on a mixtape hosted by Shyheim via, has one album “P.o.P. Culture” under his belt, and has a track with legendary emcee Sadat X. It’s been a couple years since P.o.P. did a show, but he has shared the stage with some underground acts in VA, including shows in Blacksburg, Richmond, Roanoke, and Salem. He will be doing some more shows within the next year, upon completion of his upcoming second album “P.o.P. Music” due out sometime in 2014 (release date yet to be announced) so stay tuned!

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