Single You Out: Rediculous – Iron Fist (ft. Blaq Poet)


This song hits like, well, and Iron Fist!  Rediculous really shows his chops on this beat.  He’s got an ill bass line and some neck-snapping drums as well as some excellent chopping of the samples.  And what about Blaq Poet you say?  When have you ever hear Blaq Poet come remotely weak or soft?   When this man touches mic he’ going for the jugular.  This is that banger you have been looking for.

Mic Beatz of Uzual Suspectz ft. Blaq Poet – Freedom Of Speech (Video)

Mic Beatz drops bars accompanied with Blaq Poet.  I saw Blaq Poet was on the track and thought to myself:  “If Blaq Poet took part in the cut then this guy, Mic Beatz must be decent.”  He’s better than decent.  He’s got a nice flow and dope delivery. This track is off of the Murder He Wrote album which I am guessing has not dropped as I can not find it on the internet. If any one knows differently, hit me up.

Red Eye – St. Fatrick’s Day (2012)

Artist: Red Eye

Album: St Fatrick’s Day

Source: Artist


1.J-Love Intro
2.Fuck B’n Polite (prod by DJ Qvali)
3.Drawn-n-Quartered (ft. Cella Dwellas x L.I.F.E. Long) (prod by Skammadix)
4.Step Aside (prod by DJ Qvali)
5.FigYa4LegLoc (ft. Critical Madness x Bezerk x Amiam x Illustrate x Shinobi Stalin x Tzarizm)
6.Til I Owe Nada (ft. Born Unique x Godilla) (prod by DJ Qvali)
7.7th Inning Stretch (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Punchline x FT aka Fuc That x El Da Sensei x Phantasm x Nine)
8.Oh Baby Now (ft. Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
9.Definition of Apeshit (ft. Infinity Gauntlet x Dov) (prod by Snowgoons)
10.You Ain’t Ready (Remix) (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x King Magnetic) (prod by Res Nullius)
11.Never Relate (prod by DJ Qvali)
12.Click Clack (ft. Streets x Ruff) (prod by Thorotracks)
13.Hardcore (ft. Meyhem Lauren x Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
14.One By One (ft. Born Unique) (prod by DJ Qvali)
15.Unfukwitable (ft. Ruste Juxx x Reks x Reef the Lost Cauze x Shabaam Sahdeeq x Sha Stimuli x Nutso x M-Dot x Midaz)


It gets to a point where I could share every song off this mixtape as a single, but why not offer you guys the full picture of what it’s all about? And at this point I am just going to say it:  This mixtape is top notch.  If you want fifteen tracks that knock speakers with no filler of fru-fru material, St. Fatrick’s Day is the joint you are going to want to own.

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Cold Heat – Raising The Bar (2011)

Artist: Cold Heat

Album: Raising The Bar

Source: ITunes


01. Nobodies Leaving Alive
02. Hard To Chill
03. Raising The Bar (feat. Blacastan & Craig G)
04. Thinking Out Loud
05. Flashing
06. Spanish Guitars (feat. Nico The Beast, SR, Neta, Meyhem Lauren)
07. Looking For You
08. Rolling Through (feat. Keith Spitz)
09. When You Coming Home
10. Given This World
11. Place Near You
12. Man On The Mic
13. Taking It All (feat. Sadat X & J-Love)
14. Smoke That Drink (feat. Blaq Poet)


You know what upsets me? People telling me that Cold Heat is an up and coming hip hop group. Damn! These guys have been around for a while and working with some of the most storied artists in the NYC. Quit acting like Jak Daniels and Johnny Walker are a couple of new jacks. There album from 2006, Bar Hoppin’ is one of the most slept on albums in the last five years.

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