Single You Out: Brando Bambino x Pyramid Tapes – Maxell (ft. Hus Kingpin)

New dope from an unfamiliar artist, Brando Bambino. Teaming up with producer Pyramid Tapes and receiving an accomodating verse from Hus Kingpin, Bambino impresses with this single, Maxell. The first thing you will fall in love with from this track is this organ driven production from Pyramid Tapes, coupled with the catchy chopped up sample used in the backround. That cumulative sound really drives the the uniqueness of the track. Bambino and Hus each deliver strong, yet contrasting lyrical performances.

Definitely worth checking out their forthcoming album, Bandito, which is dropping on August 12th.

Single You Out: 38 Spesh & Ransom – Last Gasp

Two of the absolute best artists over the course of the last several years unite to deliver a soulful course of knowledge. 38 Spesh and Ransom drop consistent life gems and outlooks over this sublimely soulful production from the combination of Mayor, Ty Jamz & Bernard B Westwood. The track is remarkable. Let’s just put it that way.

Don’t you try to give me no flowers that took a day to grow… – Ransom

I can’t get enough of these artists, truly. Spesh’s next offering drops in August in the form of 7 Shots.

Single You Out: Skrewtape – Somewhere Fast

Skrewtape is back with a new single which proves to be an oxymoron in it’s title. Somewhere Fast only moves at our emcee’s pace which is particularly methodical. Jazzsoon laces the beat which is no hurry, just like our emcee which really is the point of this song.

Now that karma catch up to you / Seen the warning signs, should have been enough for you / Know shit was tough for you / But you gotta change your ways…it’s must for you

Don’t let people who are going somewhere fast drag you with them.

Single You Out: Scumlordz (Speak the Rebel & Sha-Elemental) – Pay Me (prod. by DC the Midi Alien)

Here’s another gem I found out in the wild that I listened to on the strength of the production credit of DC The MIDI Alien. This joint is tough. Speak the Rebel and Sha-Elemental flip all over this sick organ-driven beat with Meaghan Richardson completing the song by providing the chorus.

They have an EP in the works so be on the lookout for that.

Single You Out: Waterr – Luv to the Family (prod. by Vanderslice)

WateRR has been one of the more prolific emcees in the last few years, releasing a bevy of dope releases. Now he’s teaming up with Vanderslice for a new project entitled, Life Is More Than White Bricks.

WateRR has a very command vocal presence, and Vanderslice graces that presence with a full production sound, but not full enough to subdue or compromise our emcee who lets family keep him grounded in the toughest of times on this his latest single.

New album drops on July 14th.

Single You Out: El Gant – Pageants (ft. Ras Kass) (prod. by Marco Polo)

New single out from lyrical powerhouse, El Gant, called Pageants. The cut features other acclaimed talent in the legendary Ras Kass and Marco Polo on the boards. There is a lot of weight on this track so to speak.

The production endeavers to be a little soulful as the emcees forsake the “pageantry” of today’s game for the roots of that made them want to be artists and emcees in the first place.

This single will be found on the upcoming El Gant album, O.S.L.O., which will be out in September!

Single You Out: ZaZa The God – Bronx (ft. Almighty Gawdflow)

ZaZa The God…remember this name. This is the second track I have heard from this year and this guy’s got the “it”. He’s got a commanding presence on the mic and he assaults his verses like few others can. The beat selection he is using just bangs and this joint, Bronx, with Almighty Gawdflow is touuuuugh. The production from Tokyio Shrympz delivers this heat with strings and a heavy beat, while ZaZa and Gawdlow with similar styles, body it!

New album on the way and I am going back and checking for his older material!