Single You Out: Mickey Diamond – Choose Wisely

I was really just leisurely browsing Bandcamp for some new music and I had heard some stuff from Mickey Diamond before so I thought I would give it a listen. I picked this track, Choose Wisely, randomly and struck gold. This joint right here is an absolute banger. The beat is dark and grimy and Diamond just has that natural gift of voice and flow that is so compelling. After hearing this joint…I picked up his last three projects. It was that strong of a performance to me. What do you guys think?

This joint can be found off of his recently released joint, Bangkok Dangerous 2: Deluxe Edition.

Single You Out: Double Life (L*Roneous x Gennessee) – Return Of The Kings

L*Roneous and Gennessee are indeed Double Life. And if you’ve been listening to independent hip hop for as long as i have, you are probably going to recognize the name. These artists were at the forefront of music scene we see today…they released their vinyl single, Revolutions, in 1997. That was literally at the precipice of the independent movement as I know it. But as it looks now, Double Life stands the test of time. These guys sound brilliant together. L*Roneous captivates me with his wordplay every time and I stay waiting for him to drop some new music. He is simply unique and his style stands out effortlessly. And Gennessee has a more raw delivery and owns his sixteens from beginning to end. The two sounds really nice together.

To be honest….I couldn’t even make it passed the third cut on the album before I was determined to make this post. This isn’t just good…this is superior music. I am not sure how many of the songs were in the vault, or how many are new, but the energy and quality are on full display. Check out the album, SHANTARAM, and peep the cut, Return Of The Kings, below….you will NOT regret this recommendation.

Single You Out: Gawds – Bonafide Hustler

Bonafide Hustler comes from one of my favorite albums so far from this year, which is impressive on so many levels. First, I am so unaware of who the Gawds actually are, but after hearing this album, I had put in some research. Regulus and Pinpoint are emcees from Baltimore (which has exhibited exponential talent as of late) and DJ Rocky Styles. These guys are something special and have put together a great product in their album, Gloria. This album knocks from beginning to end, which is saying something because it is long by today’s standards at 20 tracks.

I don’t have a lot of time and I like to think that when I do take the time to write about something new these days, it means something. This is a MUST HAVE project. If you love this track (as it is my favorite) then you will love the album. Please check it out on Cocareef Records.

Single You Out: El Prez x Professor H – Get Up (ft. DJ Rhettmatic)

El Prez and Professor H have an INCREDIBLY fresh project out now, Angels With Dirty Faces. The whole things is soulful and has such a smooth vibe to it. And when there are so many projects hitting so heavy (which is great…don’t get me wrong) it’s nice to hear something that you can simply vibe to. Yeah….this music is a cleansing experience! And, Get Up, features the legend….DJ Rhettmatic…none of you can front on this!

Single You Out: Nef – Move Different (ft. Lil Fame x Termanology x Azure Lauryn)

Nef’s producer album, Tabula Rasa, drops on on April 2nd. It is loaded quite heavily with some of hip hop’s illest lyricists. I already got my pre-order in based on the line up and the dopeness you hear on this track featuring Lil Fame and Termanology. There’s so much good happening in this track with guitar samples, the horns, and just the energy that accompanies the emcees here. Can’t wait for the project.

Single You Out: Def3 x Late Night Radio – Just Wait

I’ve actually been waiting for Def3 to make a new album, and it looks like I am going to get my wish, on June 4th, when Weddings and Funerals drops. But it gets better as he has producer Late Night Radio back behind the boards. Their album, Small World, is something that I try and listen to as much as possible. There are so many great cuts off of that project. It is my hope that we have great continuity from that project to this one. The pairing make original, funky, fun, and at times introspective music. And I think we are off to a great start here. This one has some very unique musical texture. So if you enjoy hip hop that steps outside the usual and customary…this is for you!

Single You Out: Jake Haw x I.N.F. – Red Rum (ft. Taboo x Dystrakted)

Jake Haw and INF released a project called, Mountain Of Black Glass, and this is some illness you can find from the project, and overall dope! Certified master wordsmith, Taboo joins the track along with Dystrakted. I really love the production on this whole joint. Lots of acoustic guitar mixed with neck snapping drums. If that’s your thing (and why wouldn’t it be) you should check it out.