Single You Out: Word & Skinny Bonez The Godfatha – Bangkok Bar Brawls (ft. Mickey Diamond & Dro Pesci)

Oh good gawd this joint is a heat rock and a half. Skinny Bonez Tha Godfather and Words team up with Mickey Diamond and Dro Pesci for music to murk to. Bangkok Bar Brawls as a title sounds like the perfect reflection for the music itself. Each emcee has the gravel to lace som kill shots in their respective sixteens. This is a combo that belongs together on a track.

Single You Out: Stu Bangas & Recognize Ali – Pulverized (ft. Lord Goat)

Stu Bangas and Recognize Ali are back at it for 2023 accompanied by Lord Goat for their first single Pulverized. This is a precursor for the new album Guerilla Dynasty 2. And this song is nasty. Bangas has a subtle, yet devious hand when it comes to the beat and string sample on this track. And Recognize Ali and Lord Goat exchange verbal blood baths making this the first sinister track of the year.

Single You Out: Ullnevano – Raekwon’s Table

Yeah, I’ve been sleeping on the music of Ullnevano, and every once and a while I need to be reminded how dope an artist is. And here is that reminder I am sharing with you all. Raekwon’s Table, is just the track to showcase Ullnevano’s dexterity on the mic over the heavy drums of God Sense Beats. Showing you that only a few are allowed to break bread at the table of legends.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This single, while ever so dope, isn’t even my favorite track off the album, The Ghost Of Reggie Lewis, which you should check out now!

Single You Out: Ransom x V Don – Short Notice (ft. Lloyd Banks)

V Don linking up with Ransom seems like a union of superpowers and it appears as though they have a new project dropping soon dopely titled, Chaos Is My Ladder. This single, Short Notice, is putting the listener on notice that something wicked this way comes. I think Ransom’s thoughtful provocation plays extremely way with V Don’s pensive soundscapes. This is going to be great! Guest bars provided by Lloyd Banks.