This EP is probably flying pretty low on the radar but I am about to bring truth to the light so to speak.  Anything OnlyOne puts out gets posted on the regular here on HHD.  We also featured 9DM here a couple of years ago with his collaboration with Lawz Spoken,  You’ll Never Be Famous.  That project was impressive.   This one is equally so.  It’s short, sweet, and FREE.  You’ve also got dope production from Hippie Sabotage and Chase Moore.   OnlyOne and 9DM are vets in the battle scene and they bring that combative element to their music as well.   Their lyrics do not compromise and they hit opponents and listeners the same…mercilessly.  The two soundlcoud singles are below although my favorite tracks from the project are the last two:  Robbed A Bank and Stole A Car.   The production on those songs are exceptional.  

If you enjoy Sandpeople music or are a fan of these artists on the battle circuit you should download this.  You can get it HERE

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