Artist:  Croup

Album: Circles


1. Shredded Cheese (feat. NapsNdreds)
2. The Declaration (feat. Supastition)
3. Banger (feat. Animal Pak)
4. Ring Rust (feat. Dan Johns)
5. Last Hours (feat. Don Cerino, NapsNdreds, Praverb)
6. Dirt Naps (feat. NapsNdreds)
7. Brands (feat. Animal Pak)
8. Definition Of A Man (feat. TWC)
9. War Cry (feat. Dan Johns)
10. Cry Inside (feat. Animal Pak)
11. Shredded Cheese (Instrumental)
12. The Declaration (Instrumental)
13. Banger (Instrumental)
14. Ring Rust (Instrumental)
15. Last Hours (Instrumental)
16. Dirt Naps (Instrumental)
17. Brands (Instrumental)
18. Definition Of A Man (Instrumental)
19. War Cry (Instrumental)
20. Cry Inside (Instrumental)


This is not an ‘official’ review but rather a strong endorsement for you to pick up this FREE album.  Croup is a producer who is repping Germany and whose beats have found homes on several reputable emcees’ albums.  And after listening to this,  his first producer album, you can see why his productions are sought after.

Every song on this project bangs.  There are only ten (plus instrumentals), so it’s short and to the point but every song on here is a winner.  And I mean that…every song wins.

I am particularly fond of the Animal Pak tracks and the re-emergence of Dan Johns.  A lot of people may not be in the know when it comes to Dan Johns, but that guys is master wordsmith.  I can only hope that as he works off his ‘Ring Rust’ that he decides to come back and drop some more music.

The Animal Pak tracks are really engaging.  Banger, is just that:  A song that will knock the hinges off the door.   The production and the emcees are filled with the adrenaline that onlygood hip hop music provides.  Brands, by contrast, is a bit more playful and fun while the Pak discuss a bunch of name brand designers in their  rhymes.  It’s a very creative track.

I endorse this album without reservations.   If you are fond of great production, rhymes, and song creation, then you will undoubtedly appreciate Circles.  Peep some samples below:


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