Fatal Lucciauno – Respect (2012)

Artist: Fatal Lucciauno

Album: Respect

Source: Bandcamp


1. Larry Mizzel Jr. (Intro)
2. War
3. Big Bro
4. Gotta Go (ft. Marissa)
5. Interlude To Get her In The Mood
6. Doctor Love (ft. I Am)
7. Black Hoodie Rap (ft. Spac3man)
8. Amazing (ft. J. Pinder)
9. Cocaine (I Cry) (ft. Joe King and I Am)
10. Random Coo Guy
11. Better Than You (ft. Thaddeus David and Grynch)
12. Adolf Hitler
13. Pushin (ft. Parker)
14. Reflection (ft. The Good Sin)
15. I’m Gone (Outro)
16. One Love One Purpose (ft. Lucc and Cease)


In general I think people sleep heavily on the scene in the Pacific North West.  But if the truth be told, that area is a hot bed for up and coming hip hop talent.  Even though, Fatal Lucciauno has been in the game a minute people still may not know who he is but I think this is an album that should get the foot in the door or the music in the headphones as it were..

People may mock me for suggesting this, but Lucciauno is the only emcee in recent memory that really draws the comparison to Tupac for me.  I am not saying he is on that level, but he is reminiscent.  His voice and bravado, along with his content, definitely bring similarities.

But Respect is a project all and unto itself.  The album is volatile.  Many of the songs don’t just creep out the speakers, they attack the complacent listener and make you feel each cut.  Songs like War, Big Bro, and Black Hoodie Rap are each hard hitting tracks.

War, takes the listener to Lucciauno’s warzone.  He takes you on a journey through his block that features sirens, piano keys, gunshots, and heavy breathing. He lets you know that you are in for a world of hurt if you want to go to war with Lucciauno.   This track has that definitive braggadocio street flavor.

Big Bro’s beat is concoted by Kuddie Fresh who creates fire from his work behind the boards.  The beat along with our emcees pace and flow make this a creeper.  It has this hushed, yet harsh vibe, like a whispered threat.   This is definitely one of my favorites.

But the personal favorite, is the Bean One produced, Black Hoodie Rap.  You simply can not find better rock-infused hip hop production.   This song is brutal.  I talked about this single before, but it really needs to be mentioned again.  I feel like the track intro is a pre-emptive war chant for the battle to come.  Both Lucciauno and Spac3man  bring tough verses.  Lucciauno has a more casual flow and Spac3man is more high energy giving the track a lot of contrast.   This is a track that you will find yourself rewinding frequently.

Last but not least, I wanted to talk about the track, Cocaine.   The track is laden with 70s funk and soul.  Content wise, it’s more street tales , this time surrounding the drug trade.  It’s a hustler’s anthem.   Lucciauno puts his artistic twist to the cut with wordplay such as:

..Snake lays position / Waiting to spray venom / While I pull trigger/ Wala, he’s finished / When I grease ni&*as / My God…we sinners

That little snippet of a verse really is indicative of what Respect has to offer lyrically.  Fatal Lucciauno focuses on narrating life from his perspective.  He is not clenching a thesaurus trying to go over his audience’s heads.  His word play draws from a laid back, but ill flow.   He has a way of connecting thoughts and ideas that keeps you absorbed in the album.   The production throughout Respect is the linchpin that holds it all together.   There a quite a few different sounds from a musical standpoint on the album, but they all consistently knock.  Make sure you give this one a listen and support good music!

5 thoughts on “Fatal Lucciauno – Respect (2012)

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    • Truth. Hip-Hop or any other genre of is a reflection of what is going on in soctiey. Everyone wants to point out how materialistic/vain Hip- Hop culture has become but ask them if they really need their smart phones, hair extensions, new cars, expensive clothes or if they need 1000 cable channels and they start to understand why Hip-Hip is the way it is.

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