Just FLow and MaV – The Water Break EP (2012)

Artist: Just FLow x MaV

Album: The Water Break EP

Source: Artist


1. Timeout
2. The Combine
3. Joey Crawford (Referee)
4. Cheerleader
5. Showtime
6. The Press
7. Heartless


The best part about HHD is finding and supporting a winner and that’s exactly what’s happened by helping to spread the word about Just FLow and MaV.   These guys appeal to commercial and underground audiences alike with a universal sound and good wordplay.  The emcees feed off of each other’s energy throughout the release.

The Water Break starts out with the Timeout.  The first part of the song starts out as simply an introduction to the two emcees and the project.  The actual song itself demonstrates the chemistry Just FLow and MaV have.  It’s a classic ‘back-and-forth’ track as the two exchange bars over a super chill beat.  What really makes this track a great song is the smooth vocals from Coupe.   That chorus really bonds the talents of our emcees into a great track.

The Combine is an aggressive track that has our duo going for delf!  The one thing I am not feeling from the track is the opening female vocals.  I personally don’t think it fits with the track. But lets get to the things I do like about this joint. One of those things is that MaV comes with some heat in his first few bars:

…tragic flow…put these other rappers on sabbatical / apparently they’ve been daring me / they ain’t aware of me / I’ve been off my rocker for years and I need therapy

This is the type of joint I can see the duo rocking a party with or getting a concert hype.   It’s very high energy and gets the adrenaline pumping.

Joey Crawford is my favorite cut off of the EP.  “Franchise player I don’t even get a water break…” is the Drake quotable that leads us into the cut.  The production is backed by a electric bass line and some hard hitting drums.   The rest is left up to Just FLow and MaV.  They really spit some tough lines here.  I really am fond of these bars from Just FLow:

I was told smile / Smile even when you dirt poor / Cuz when your  enemies see you…that way it hurts more / It’s unfair my n@*&a, oh well times hard / The only way you see me w(h)ining is at a vineyard  / Wouldn’t you steal if your kids wasn’t eating right? / Life ain’t like  a referee, it isn’t always black and white

My only complaint is that this is the is one of the shortest cuts on the EP.  I am calling for an extended version for this track.  Maybe a remix?

The bottom line is that this project is filled with dope exchanges between MaV and Just FLow.  It’s a project based upon chemistry.  I can’t think of an entire project  in recent memory that has the back and forth verses throughout like this one.   What’s remarkable is that they do it really well on each track.  Nothing gets stale on this EP.  They’ve got high energy joints and soulful music.  They’ve got dope wordplay and a cohesiveness unlike any other.  Everything sounds new and refreshing.  I strongly advise you to download this FREE project.

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