Unprecedented Vol. 2 Compilation (February 2012)

This is the best songs compiled from February 2012.  The 2nd such compilation in our series. It’s the best way to catch up on some of the dopest singles released in the month. Nothing but the best for you guys. Enjoy the streaming excellence….


1. Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance
2. Fatal Lucciauno – Black Hoodie Rap (ft. Spac3man)
3. Don Streat – Rapper Shot Remix (ft. Termanology and Lil Fame)
4. Illmaculate – Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads
5. Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Hardest From The Underground
6. Sutter Kain – Traitor Remix (ft. Naymez x Donnie Darko)
7. The AbSoulJah – In My Element
8. Juan Deuce – People (ft. Romen Rok)
9. Shaz Illyork – Fly Creature (ft. Spit Gemz x Carmen Indhira x Stavin’ B)
10. Just Flow x MaV – Joey Crawford
11. Godilla – Rusty Machete
12. K-Hill – The Covenant
13. Locksmith – Illuminati

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Just FLow and MaV – The Water Break EP (2012)

Artist: Just FLow x MaV

Album: The Water Break EP

Source: Artist


1. Timeout
2. The Combine
3. Joey Crawford (Referee)
4. Cheerleader
5. Showtime
6. The Press
7. Heartless


The best part about HHD is finding and supporting a winner and that’s exactly what’s happened by helping to spread the word about Just FLow and MaV.   These guys appeal to commercial and underground audiences alike with a universal sound and good wordplay.  The emcees feed off of each other’s energy throughout the release.

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Single You Out: Just Flowing – Be So Cruel

I wanted to share both of this new track with you guys.  Just Flowing has been on a serious grind as of late.  When I listened to his first mixtape I could hear the talent but I wanted to hear some more polished tracks and sound from him before I started posting his material.  A few months later, I hit you all off with his track w/ Mav, Heartless. I thought that track was honestly very dope and deserved recognition.  But now the man hits me with another, more meaningful banger, which further illustrate the man’s talent and progression.

Be So Cruel 

Single You Out: Just Flowing x MaV – Heartless

I admire Just Flowing’s tenacity and his tireless work ethic.  This is the first time I have featured him on the site but it won’t be the last.  This is the track that I was waiting for him to make.  It’s just some brutal lyricism brought by Just Flowing and MaV.  It’s raw and nasty.   There’s no weak hooks or gimmicks.  It’s just dope.  I am not really familiar with MaV but he sounds good on this track and Just Flowing is getting better with every verse I hear him spit.  Couple his ever increasing lyrical prowess with his work ethic and his other artistic abilities, I think the name is going to be very recognizable in the months to come.