The Regiment – First Mondays (EP)

Artist: The Regminent

Album: First Mondays EP

Source: Kevin Nottingham


01. Detroit Hip Hop (prod. by Newstalgia)
02. The New Danger (feat. Kaimbr) (prod. by Newstalgia)
03. Don’t Judge Me (prod. by DJ Qvali)
04. The Show Goes On (feat. Bodega Brovas) (prod. by Beatnick Dee)
05. Failure (feat. Vincent J Kelley) (prod. by Soulution)
06. Presidential Suite (feat. Magestik Legend) (prod. by Soulution)


The Regiment’s album, The Panic Button, is due out in a little less than a week and I thought I would share their collection of tracks that they have been putting out for a few months now.  They are all pretty dope though The New Danger featuring Kaimbr is probably my favorite.  I expect this album to be very good base upon what I have heard from the Detroit duo and Kevin Nottingham has a pretty solid track record thus far of releasing dope music on his HIPNOTT Records imprint.

(Just click the title above to download)

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