Single You Out: Jamall Bufford – Silencers (ft. Magestik Legend)


Jamall Bufford (aka Buff1) hits cruise control over the Slot-A produced track, Silencers.  The track has a nice mix of synth and drums.  I especially like the sharp cascading synth that occupies  the verses.  Bufford also has a knack for clever lyricism and flow that can change cadence at a moments notice.  Definitely be on the lookout for his album, Victim Of A Modern Age.

The Regiment – First Mondays (EP)

Artist: The Regminent

Album: First Mondays EP

Source: Kevin Nottingham


01. Detroit Hip Hop (prod. by Newstalgia)
02. The New Danger (feat. Kaimbr) (prod. by Newstalgia)
03. Don’t Judge Me (prod. by DJ Qvali)
04. The Show Goes On (feat. Bodega Brovas) (prod. by Beatnick Dee)
05. Failure (feat. Vincent J Kelley) (prod. by Soulution)
06. Presidential Suite (feat. Magestik Legend) (prod. by Soulution)


The Regiment’s album, The Panic Button, is due out in a little less than a week and I thought I would share their collection of tracks that they have been putting out for a few months now.  They are all pretty dope though The New Danger featuring Kaimbr is probably my favorite.  I expect this album to be very good base upon what I have heard from the Detroit duo and Kevin Nottingham has a pretty solid track record thus far of releasing dope music on his HIPNOTT Records imprint.

(Just click the title above to download)

One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 1 (2011)

Artist: One Be Lo

Album:  Laborhood Vol 1

Source: Bandcamp


1. Laborhood Welcome
2. Bassline (Feat. T Calmese, Kodac & RoSpit) (Prod. Zhao)
3. Break Of Dawn (Feat. Deep Rooted) (Prod. Mr. Brady)
4. Lettin You Know (Feat. AZTexts) (Prod. Dub Sonata)
5. Detroit Riots (Feat. Fat Ray, RoSpit, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marvwon, Buff 1 & FattFather) (Prod. Black Milk)
6. Alphabet Soup Remix (Prod. 14KT)
7. Learn (Feat. Longshot & Ka Di) (Prod. K. Kruz)
8. Take It There (Feat. Black Milk) (Prod. Black Milk)
9. Must Be The Way (Feat. Buff 1 & Jackson Perry) (Prod. Forecast)
10. Fly Like Wings (Feat. Futuristic) (Prod. WideTrax)
11. Lap 2 (Feat. Decompoze) (Prod. Decompoze)
12. Tweeny One (Feat. Stik Figa, Richard Wright, Lou Rip, You, Les Izmore, Ubi & Dominique Larue) (Prod. DWill)
13. We Over Here (Feat. RoSpit, Decompoze, Magestik Legend & T Calmese) (Prod. RoSpit)
14. You Think You Know (Feat. Moe Dirdee) (Prod. Chanes)
15. Smash (Prod. Miles Bonny)


This isn’t an official album.  But it is officially from One Be Lo and it would be a crime to not even mention this release on HHD. This is the prelude to the release of his album, L.A.B.O.R. I believe these are older or unreleased tracks from the Michigan artist.  For the most part they are all banging and high quality.  It is just a  taste of what this elite emcee can do when given a microphone.  I am admittedly a huge fan of his and have been such since the Binary Star projects released earlier last decade.  Some artists simply have a way with words.

Now this mixtape isn’t exactly free.  It’s coming in a $3.  Now if you can’t afford three dollars to support a dope hip hop artist then I want you to “unbookmark” my site and “unfollow” me on twitter because we just can’t be acquainted.  With that being said you can stream the whole album below and click the Bandcamp link above to purchase.

Magestik Legend – FREE (2007)

Artist: Magestik Legend

Album: FREE


  1. FREE (Intro) (prod. by Magestik Legend)
  2. The Legend (prod. by Astronote)
  3. In N Out (prod. by Snowman Jack)
  4. Chosen Ones (prod. by Eric G)
  5. Street Corner (prod. by Magestik Legend)
  6. Out There (prod. by Jay Fab)
  7. Good and Bad (prod. by Zhao-Ski and Magestik Legend)
  8. Someone Better (ft. Neco Redd) (prod. by Eric. G)
  9. Take 5 (Flashback 99′) (prod. by Magestik Legend)
  10. What Would You Do? (ft. Patrice Williams) (prod. by Jay Fab)
  11. Black Out (ft. iLLite) (prod. by Decompoze)
  12. Baby Girl (ft. Kashia) (prod. by Nick Speed)
  13. Hold Ya Weight (MLMIX) (prod by Zhao-Ski)
  14. Thanks to…(Flashback 99′) (prod. by Nick Speed)
  15. FREE (Outro)


This album comes from a few years back.  2007 to be exact.  This was my first exposure to Magestik Legend.  I originally got this off of back in the day, when they were trying to be a online distributor.  Now you can find it on his bandcamp page.  Again, I am not going to spend a lot of time reviewing something from back in 2007 but I do think it is relevant now that his new album is coming out. The Great Escape dropping, November 3oth.

If you are looking for the sureshot off of this release, look no further than the Decompoze backed joint, Blackout.  Decompoze production is incomparable and iLLite needs to get mentioned more when folks talk about Michigan hip hop.  Stream…Download…Enjoy!

Magestik Legend – To Be Continued…Chapter 1 Mixtape (Separated Tracks)

ArtistMagestik Legend

AlbumTo Be Continued…Chapter 1 Mixtape (Untagged)


  1. Intro (prod. by The Audible Doctor)
  2. Bout Freedom (prod. by Astronote)
  3. Blood, Sweat, Tears (prod. by Bean One)
  4. Postal Service (prod. by Pete Cannon)
  5. All Eye Know (prod by Astronote)
  6. Larry Brown (Paystyle)
  7. Get Doe (prod. by Magestik Legend)
  8. The Showbiz (prod. by Astronote)
  9. Pop Metal (ft. MarvWon and Ro Spit) (prod. by Astronote)
  10. Crack Rules (prod. by Marink D)
  11. Where Can I Start (ft. Fes Roc) (prod by Hill Inc.)
  12. Day Break (ft. Othello) (prod. by 14KT)
  13. Shoot The Breeze (prod. by Oznoh)
  14. CARBON (prod. by Astronote)


I won’t spent a whole lot of time big uppin’ this release after giving a more extensive review of Chapter 2 earlier.  Magestik Legend is talented and is backed by some talented producers and guest emcees on this release.  I am just trying to get the populous prepped for his November 30th release, The Great Escape.   My favorite off of this joint is the track All Eye Know. You can stream and download this mixtape (separated tracks version) below.

Magestik Legend – To Be Continued…Chapter 2 Mixtape

Artist: Magestik Legend

Album: To Be Continued…Chapter 2


  1. Reintroduction
  2. The Rundown (prod. by Astronote)
  3. Get.Ends.Hide (prod. by Astronote)
  4. Long Distance (prod. by Astronote)
  5. What’s In A Name (prod. by 14KT)
  6. TBC2 Interlude
  7. Vice Gripz (prod, by Astronote)
  8. Brand NEW (prod. by The Audible Doctor)
  9. What The World Needs (ft. T. Calamese) (prod. by Astronote)
  10. Lock And Key (prod. by Astronote)
  11. Dirty Little Pretty (prod by Slop Funk Dust)
  12. Video Game (ft. Buff1)
  13. Carbon (prod. by Astronote)
  14. Crazy (prod. by Astronote)


Magestik Legend is getting us ready for his album dropping November 30th, entitled The Great Escape.  This is going to be his first full length album since 2007 and I would expect heads to support it wholeheartedly.   To Be Continued…Chapter 2 is obviously the second installment of a series of mixtapes to prep for this release.

Honestly, this is more of an album in itself.  It’s got a ton of dope songs and very little filler and the other things that get in the way of a good cut.  It is hosted by none other than, Rapper Big Pooh.  If you are unfamiliar with Magestik Legend but appreciate intricate lyricism, you will love this release.  Magestik Legend’s lyrical prowess is amazing.  The way he bends the English language to his will puts him in an elite group of emcees. He can flip on a variety of different production styles and BPMS and sounds dope in all instances. The song CARBON really will illustrate his abilities as an emcee.

Astronote handles the bulk of the production duties and I think he is very underrated or under-mentioned.  His work on tracks like The Run Down, Get.Ends.Hide., and Vice Gripz show a great deal of polish and really give Magestik Legend a powerful sound to work with.  The Audible Doctor also lends his hand to one track, Brand NEW, which ends up sounding incredible.  It has a very soulful vibe.  I love the samples this guy uses.  He has a gift and a knack for finding and incorporating those dope samples.

What’s my favorite track?  Take your pick.   I could name any of the aforementioned tracks as a favorite.   But I won’t be wishy-washy.  CARBON.  Bottom line is give the man his due and recognition.  Get all of his material.  You will definitely appreciate it.  Listen below…