Artist Of The Year: Nutso (2013)


It is an honor and a privilege to present to you the Hip Hop Dependency Artist Of The Year for 2013: Nutso (Twitter, Facebook, Website, YouTube).   I have been a huge fan of Nutso for a long time but this was a banner year for him. He really went above and beyond what the rest of the pack is doing.  There are A LOT of talented artists, but very few have the work ethic and the drive that Nutso does.  In 2013, he released dope project after dope project and he has no intentions of stopping that pace in 2014.

It’s one thing to be dope.  It’s entirely another thing to be relentless.  Nutso is both.   He is constantly creating with a slew of different producers and finding new avenues to push the envelope of his music.  All the while he builds on the foundation that is New York Boom-Bap.

So without further ado, I bring you words from the man himself, as he graciously agreed to answer a few questions from HHD.  Be sure to check his older projects along with his current ones, and prepare for the future!:

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Single You Out: Nutso – Phuk It! (feat. Problem & Bad Lucc) (prod. by Reef)


Nutso is doing something so few artists have done, especially on the level of a whole project.  When the Western Union project drops next week it represent a union of two coasts.   He will be working exclusively with emcees from the Left Coast, showcasing some of the best talent in the region.  This is the first single from the project featuring Problem and Bad Lucc.  Quite simply, it knocks.