Single You Out: nanigan nickleby – Old Ben Kenobi (ft. Eddy Shanks)


I saw that nanigan nickleby was doing work with Tokyo Cigar, of whom I am a fan, so I decided I would check his project, Dead Letters in Exile, out.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This release is different than what is offered by the status quo.  The word ‘refreshing’ seems appropriate.  One of my favorite cuts from the album is Old Ben Kenobi.  Nickelby shows off his clever writing skills, refuting the bandwagon and offering listeners something new.  The singer, Eddy Shanks, also does a good job of injecting that soulful/rock element to the cut.

If you dig this cut, make sure you check the album.

The Plexiglass Fountain – Concrete Mythology (Year Of The Dragon) (2012)

Artist: The Plexiglass Fountain

Album: Concrete Mythology (Year Of The Dragon)

Source: Artist


1. The Year Of The Dragon
2. Buggin Out Part 0
3. Self Conversation
4. Kill Zone (ft. The Cause)
5. Bloody Idiotz
6. Fallen (ft. Keb0)
7. Neon Moonlight
8. Vampires
9. Midnight Symphony (ft. Cee)
10. The Sun (ft. Kyle Hubbard)
11. We Got Today
12. Me For Me (ft. Czarina)
13. The It
14. 20 Caskets
15. One Line
16. The It Remix (ft. Donny Goines)


It’s time that I bring you something different in a not so subtle way.  The combination of producer/emcee, Tokyo Cigar, and emcee, Cyclops, constitute the group The Plexiglass Fountain. On the promo for the album, Cigar is described as eccentric.  I am not sure about that but how about the the term nouveau?  Or maybe cutting edge, or nontraditional?  I think all of those adjectives fit our combination emcee/beatsmith.  Cyclops is described as poetic, and I think that shoe fits without exception.

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