Single You Out: HMAN – Heavy With The Drop (ft. Sticky Fingaz)


HMAN?  Why haven’t I heard of HMAN?  Damn it.  I can’t keep up.  All the sudden an artist I have never heard of has a beat by The Audible Doctor and Sticky Fingaz as an accomplice on the mic. Man…

At any rate, this is a dope track that you should be checking out.  If you like it, he has a new album which can be downloaded here.

Single You Out: Audimatic – The Wolves



May this track serve as a reminder as to how dope this duo is.  I love how maticulous weaves the wolf’s howl throughout the production.  It certainly gives you that dark vibe that something wicked is coming in the darkness.  The Audible Doctor is also really able to showcase his rhyming talents as well, indicating he is just as good as an emcee as he is a producer.


Brown Bag AllStars – 2012: A Year In Review


This is another great sampling of the Brown Bag AllStars musical prowess from 2012.  I own most of these tracks already but I know I am exception to the rule, so make sure you get on DLing this and passing the link to a friend.  There are so many dope jams on here, everyone is sure to find a favorite.


Brown Bag AllStars: Rhett Committed Murder (Video)

The Brown Bag AllStars conglomerate is back at it again, delivering you the fresh visuals that you need and deserve.  This video made me want to go to purchase a bike and hang out with my friends from middle school…but enough of that…

Rhett Committed Murder can be found on the crew’s latest EP, the Brown Label Part 2.

Brown Bag AllStars – 406 (Fat Beats Tribute) (Video)

The guys pull on the heart strings of record collectors and music lovers everywhere with their dedication to Fat Beats NY, a pace where they combined talents and emerged as the artists they are today.  The Audible Doctor fixes up a wonderful production which is pretty typical for him.

The team’s new EP, Brown Label Part 2, drops next Tuesday, on September 4th.


Juan Deuce – No Sweat (2012)

Artist: Juan Deuce

Album: No Sweat

Source: Artist


1. The Draft
2. Right On
3. People (ft. Romen Rok)
4. Falling Down
5. .38 Special
6. Larry Sellers
7. Left You
8. Shred
9. Freeze
10. Menahan (ft. Jaysonic)
11. Yuro
12. Show Me Love (ft. Jon Hope)
13. Backstroke
14. Cutlass
15. Jimmy Buffett
16. Reverie
17. Valet
18. Clay On Words


Juan Deuce is not for the faint of heart.  If you have a short memory span and don’t like well-woven wordplay he might not be for you.  Throughout No Sweat, Juan Deuce takes concepts and ideas that don’t ordinarily blend and makes hip hop magic.  In addition to that, this album is produced by some of my favorite producers in the business with the likes of Falside, The Audible Doctor, and J57 making contributions.

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